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Schneider overrules Positive Pete on Thomas

Not long after Pete Carroll tried to quell any trade talk about Earl Thomas on Thursday, John Schneider made it clear the Seahawks are still listening. 411 more words

Pete Carroll

Seahawks are right to avoid distractions

The Seahawks are trying to regain their focus this offseason and rebuild into another Super Bowl winner, which means they are right to avoid Colin Kaepernick if they feel he would be a distraction. 290 more words

Pete Carroll

This Seattle Seahawks fan is looking forward to the best team in years.

Russell Wilson: “You have shamed us for the last time, Admiral.” (not the actual caption for this photo)

I love being the lone voice in the wild. 2,616 more words


“Things That Make White People Uncomfortable”: Michael Bennett’s essential new book asks, “Why does the world even have to be like this?”

Today, my good friend Michael Bennett, former Seattle Seahawk and current Philadelphia Eagle, releases his new book, Things That Make White People Uncomfortablethe memoir/manifesto that he wrote with my other dear friend Dave Zirin. 1,252 more words

No deal for Thomas? Expect a trade then

We never thought the Seahawks would dump Michael Bennett or Richard Sherman this offseason, simply because it made no sense to do so. But they did. 435 more words

The Roster

PM Roundup: Anne Winters; Chris Mack To Louisville; Loyola's Run Hasn't Been Lucky

The Big Lead’s PM Sports Roundup, which, after much consideration, has decided to embrace the debate.

Anne joins 13 Reasons: Actress Anne Winters has joined the cast of the Netflix show “13 Reasons Why’ which… 270 more words


I Can't Imagine Michael Bennett's Case Going to Trial

There are a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous in the case of Michael Bennett and and the security forces at the Super Bowl in Houston, but here is the reality of the situation: If this thing goes to trial, based on what information is publicly available, it’s Michael Bennett’s word vs. 853 more words