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Gingko Bioworks uses $90M funding round to launch ingredients firm Motif | Food Dive


Gingko Bioworks uses $90M funding round to launch ingredients firm Motif


Cathy Siegner


Feb. 27, 2019

Dive Brief:

Startup Gingko Bioworks announced the launch of its Motif Ingredients company with a $90 million funding round. 353 more words

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Seven men together are twice as rich as 16,800,000 median Black households, or 42,000,000 citizens

They are all white.

They are all men.

They are all rich.

But you never hear politicians, professors or protestors criticize these richest men in America, because wealth has its privileges and allows immense power. 359 more words


Personal Examples of the Mover Mode

This is the second post in series of posts based on a book by Stephen Kosslyn and G. Wayne Miller titled “Top Brain, Bottom Brain.” The subtitle is “Harnessing the Power of the Four Cognitive Modes.” 679 more words

Human Memory: Theory And Data

I'm Here Today To Announce...

I have always been enthralled with politics. From a young age when I first worked on Congressman Ron Esch’s campaign back in a small Michigan town through today, I have loved the idea of political campaigns. 524 more words

Upcoming Elections

Sheridan: Who Could Buy The Knicks From Jim Dolan? Five Guys With the Money

The viral video of Jim Dolan’s altercation with a New York Knicks fan who told him to “sell the team” begs the question: If Dolan indeed did sell the team, who would buy it? 821 more words


The "No's" Are Adding Up

What looked like an extremely crowded field for the Democrats leading up to the 2020 Primary Season looks like it won’t be quite as crowded. That’s because two of the names that had been bandied about as potential candidates have pulled out, and a third is getting rejected rather handedly by a focus group. 565 more words

Donald Trump

Bloomberg’s Green New Deal Lite

Former New York mayor and multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg agrees with AOC and the New Deal Greenies—global climate change is our fault and if we want to avoid broiling to death (or drowning) we will get rid of petroleum and go solar, wind, geothermal, and whatnot pronto. 361 more words

Green New Deal