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The Early Bird Special

By Katherine Doyle

The door of your local bakery is pushed agar as the first customer of the day continues their morning journey, leaving behind the scent of newly baked pastries. 1,123 more words


Susan Brown Bloomberg Finds a Buyer for Eclectic Noho Pad

It looks like Michael Bloomberg wasn’t the only one making big real estate moves this week.

A few days after the former mayor purchased a $26 million London townhouse, his ex-wife… 350 more words

The Financial Times was just sold to Japan's Nikkei

One of the business-media world’s most-persistent rumors has finally come true: the Financial Times has been sold. The business newspaper’s owner, Pearson, confirmed the sale… 506 more words

The Soda Struggle

My torrid love affair with bubbly, sugary soft drinks started early on during my formative years. I don’t have an addictive personality- I never became a smoker, my days of getting carried away with alcohol were mostly left behind after I graduated from college, and I never got bit by the gambling bug. 892 more words

Revelations And Doorknobs

Bloomberg palace intrigue continues, as the king consolidates his power

When Michael Bloomberg was winding up his term as mayor of New York City and speculation turned to what he might do, the CEO of the financial-data company that bears his name… 869 more words


Bloomberg's The Trace, Race, Crime, and Concealed Carry in Chicago

For some time I have been meaning to write about concealed carry and race in connection with my reading of Jennifer Carlson’s book, Citizen-Protectors, but it just keeps getting away from me. 275 more words


Global Warming, Soot Pollution, Mayor Bloomberg, the Paris Conference (forthcoming): So Confusing, So Confused!

So many inane things have been said about climate change by silly unqualified sources and so many others by dishonest qualified sources that it’s hard to keep separating the wheat from the shaft (Ah, ah!) 810 more words

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