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O.J. Simpson 20 Years Later, Soon to be Free on Parole

After serving the minimum nine years in a Las Vegas prison for armed robbery in 2007, O.J. Simpson is granted a parole. Yet, it is O.J.’s 1994 high-profile trial and acquittal of murder charges for the brutal deaths of his former wife Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman that still stirs the imagination. 482 more words


GOD TV, Bethel, Lifestyle Christianity & IAHM endorsing demonic 'grave-sucking'.

The demonic realm should avoided at all cost. Unfortunately, so-called ‘Christian’ institutions, ministries and churches are not afraid to partner or associate themselves with people who engage in unbiblical activity, particularly the practice of ‘grave-sucking’. 1,066 more words

Michael Brown

The mythology that defines Black Lives Matter

By Tom Quiner

A Quiner’s Diner reader wrote:

“While some in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement have made it partisan, we should not completely write off the whole movement.

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The Michael Brown Case, Update 20: Punishment For The Virtuous

Michael Brown, felon wanna-be, late of Ferguson, Missouri, was installed in the ranks of holy social justice martyrs within minutes of his death. His installation was a foregone conclusion; his wholly constructed legacy was just too useful to Black Lives Matter, the Obama Department of Justice, and every race baiter and hustler in the country to be ignored. 3,052 more words

The Michael Brown Case

Get Up Now

Every Monday a scripture portion arrives in my email.

Major Israel Velazquez sends it.  Major Israel is a retired Salvation Army Officer.  He  and his wife, Major Wilma, served many years in some of the Midwest’s largest cities.   547 more words


End of Watch: Dying on the Thin Blue Line

My daughter’s favorite movie is Disney’s “The Jungle Book” –and she absolutely adores Baloo the bear.

In the next to last scene, everyone thinks Baloo’s been killed by Sher Khan the tiger in an effort to save the man cub Mowgli. 1,128 more words

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