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Michael Cain - Sola

Michael Cain challenges audiences to presume to know what style he’s going to play. Having a career that has led him to perform with an array of diverse artists gives him an expansive chest of material to pursue. 134 more words

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The Last Witch Hunter (2015)

So a witch, a priest, and an assassin walk into a bar . . . And if you want to see the punchline of that joke play out, you’re going to have to lend two hours of your time to… 818 more words


The Last Witch Hunter

I was thinking…

…of how many films hinge more on the strength or notability of their antagonists more than on any empathetic connections provided by their protagonists. 1,078 more words


Ep 5. JAWS part 2


This week on WYLFWT, we wrap up our campaign of Shark and Awe with Jaws 3: Jaws Goes To Sea World and Jaws 4: A Very Jaws-y Christmas. 82 more words


Batman Begins – Should I Watch It?

Intro to… Batman Begins
A privileged white man with a fear of bats spends millions of dollars to beat up criminals in a high-tech bat suit. 515 more words


Now you see me

A little kid believes in magic. An adult does not. Adults know that behind every trick, there’s a logical explanation. Now see THIS show. Not everything can be explained with logic. 188 more words