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Michael Carroll--Dog Gone Dog [Dewey Mac Maker Mysteries] (2015)

SOUNDTRACK: OMAR SOSA & PAOLO FRESU-Tiny Desk Concert #272 (April 22, 2013).

Omar Sosa plays piano and Paolo Fresu plays trumpet and flugelhorn.  Many types of music could come from this combination, but this duo creates beautiful, mellow music that is calming and lovely.  893 more words

Tiny Desk Concert

Frustrations of the non-famous writer

Very definitely not mine but it gave me a (semi) bitter laugh.



The Weekly Word: Kells Hay Festival

Welcome back to another edition of The Weekly Word! This week wasn’t the most exciting week. The only day that I feel worthy of note is Saturday, when I went to the Kells Hay Festival. 532 more words



60 year old Khon has lived in the same small village near Siem Reap her whole life. Everyday she works in her fields growing vegetables, saying it keeps her strong and healthy. 7 more words


23 year old Djin lost one of his legs in a traffic accident when a car drove into him. Despite his unjust misfortune, his high spirits are contagious for all at the rehabilitation centre where he is recovering. 32 more words


Chantan, 34, has worked in the garment factories on the outskirts of Phnom Penh for 12 years. Working six days a week, and with as much overtime as possible, she rarely gets to see her two children who stay with relatives in the province that she works so hard to provide for. 108 more words

Did USAID/OIG Retaliates Against an Auditor Alleging $120 Million Waste?

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The Foreign Service Grievance Board (FSGB) wants to know.

In December, it granted the unnamed auditor’s (the charged employee) Motion for Additional Discovery. 845 more words

U.S. Missions