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"You lie in the bed you made. At some point, you change the sheets." - Michael Carroll

If you want to change the world, not everyone will be happy about it.  Your product will threaten those who think they own your customers.  They will not appreciate losing business. 118 more words


Prolific child abuser John Allen 'shared victims' with paedophile friend linked to Tony Blair minister

John Allen, 73, and Michael John Carroll, 66, were friends when they were abusing youngsters North Wales and London respectively in the 1980s

Two notorious paedophiles were at the centre of a nationwide network of abusers which allegedly included both Labour and Tory politicians, a Mirror investigation has found. 967 more words


The Hunter and the Hunted

After spending a lifetime reading superhero fiction, there’s one thing we’ve learned: The most important thing about being a superhuman is the “human” part. The “super” part is nothing but sound and fury and utility belts. 386 more words

Published In 2014

Bouygues Telecom to launch Netflix streaming video service in November

Bouygues Telecom is the latest European operator to sign a deal offering customers direct access to Netflix, as the U.S. video streaming company continues its expansion in the region. 50 more words

Streaming TV & Movies

Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd - A look back to May 2014

Lawgiver: A Celebration of Dredd was the first full day convention arranged by Rule32 on Bank Holiday Monday, 5th May 2014.

A new video is out with interviews of some of those that attended. 161 more words

Judge Dredd

The Founding Day Parade at Little Berlin’s Annex

Joshua Beaver’s latest installment of Sweet Heart City’s history, The Founding Day Parade, was held at Little Berlin’s Annex – a dusty exposed brick room that is part of an old warehouse and a fitting backdrop for the simple set including a few lights, a chair, a decanter and a glass. 603 more words


The Third Law - a Rico Dredd e-novel by Michael Carroll

Rico Dredd: The Titan Years
The Third Law

Written by Michael Carroll

Cover by Michael Carroll and Pye Parr

Published by Abaddon Books
Kindle Edition 17 Jun 2014… 599 more words