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Michael Chapman (who's not fond of mornings) and "Northern Lights"

Michael Chapman celebrated his 75th birthday the other day. You might be saying “who?”, and, if so, you wouldn’t be alone. I asked about his music in a used record store once and the owner said “Oh, yeah, that guy from Monty Python!” No, that was Graham Chapman. 464 more words

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Michael Chapman--The Aviator

Most artists are happy to use their lengthiest tracks as a denouement to their albums.  Michael Chapman takes the opposite approach, using the nearly ten minute The Aviator to kick off his second LP, Fully Qualified Survivor.   93 more words



Raging Bull features one of the greatest performances that the screen has ever contained. It also happens to be a definitive American masterpiece, the sort of film that is unimpeachable in terms of overall quality and its standing in the pantheon of great cinema. 274 more words

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Tompkins Square Anniversary Celebrates Guitar Virtuosos Old and New

Josh Rosenthal didn’t have a plan when he left his job at Sony after 15 years. The music business veteran figured he’d get another industry job, but it took just one great idea to set him down a new path that would forever change the course of his career: starting his own record label. 876 more words


Folkadelphia Radio #248 on WXPN (8/19/2015)

Folkadelphia Radio #248 aired on WXPN on August 19th, 2015 from 22-23:00 and featured an in-studio session from Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons, which can be heard… 107 more words


Michael Chapman - The Resurrection and Revenge of the Clayton Peacock

It was at a Jack Rose tribute gig in Philadelphia that the idea for this album was first mooted – Ecstatic Peace approached Chapman backstage and asked if he would record a limited print run improvised album for them. 653 more words