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Michael Chapman - The Resurrection and Revenge of the Clayton Peacock

It was at a Jack Rose tribute gig in Philadelphia that the idea for this album was first mooted – Ecstatic Peace approached Chapman backstage and asked if he would record a limited print run improvised album for them. 653 more words


Michael Chapman - Newcastle Cluny May 2015 - Photos

Michael Chapman
Newcastle Cluny, 20th May 2015

Thurston Moore brought a rather fantastic special guest for his Newcastle show. Check out my full review over on… 47 more words

Gjb Performance Photography

Thurston Moore at Cluny, Newcastle on 20th May 2015

This last year has been quite a retro period for me. Stephen Malkmus last summer, J Mascis in the winter and now Thurston Moore. It’s like I’m reliving the 90s, thankfully not in a purely retro throwback binge because these artists are still highly credible, relevant and active 20+ years on. 755 more words

Sound & Silence

The Last Detail (1973, Hal Ashby)

Even though Jack Nicholson gets top billing and the most bombastic role in The Last Detail, Otis Young has the harder job. He’s got to temper Nicholson, both for the sake of the audience and of the narrative. 289 more words


The Great Wen Of London

I’ve just got back from a research trip to the National Archives. The allure of the rest of London, however, was too great to resist, and so the highlights of the last few days are not fading sheets of parchment, I’m afraid. 555 more words


Best Shot: Taxi Driver

Finding the “best” shot from Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver is downright impossible. Filmed by Michael Chapman, the movie is basically made up of perfect frames, over 150,000 of them. 294 more words