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Turning patriots into Terrorists

Turning patriots

into terrorists

. . . and terrorists into patriots!

Jewish propaganda has

hypnotized Americans into

a criminally irresponsible stupor

The absolute proof that we do not have a two-party system in America… 2,091 more words

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Muslims and Jews Collaborating on the White Genocide

The Jew is the plastic demon of decomposition. Where he finds filth and decay, he surfaces and begins his butcher’s work among the nations. He hides behind a mask and presents himself as a friend to his victims, and before  441 more words

Godawful Horrifying News

If You Hate David Duke, It Actually Proves He's Right

Most people are familiar with the phrase “consider the source”, but have they? And why should they?

Dr. David Duke, a former Louisiana state representative, author, and unofficial diplomat speaking… 2,546 more words

Godawful Horrifying News

The Iraq War: National Security for Israel?

Thanks to Robert Wenzel

Dahlia Wasfi

The people she references in this clip are telling.  Are they the architects of the Iraq War?  That’s no secret. 450 more words


"Fraternity Of Failure": GOP Men And Women United By A Shared History Of Getting Everything Wrong, And Refusing To Admit It

Jeb Bush wants to stop talking about past controversies. And you can see why. He has a lot to stop talking about. But let’s not honor his wish. 805 more words


Tribunal rejects bridge company's $3.5-billion NAFTA claim against Canada

A $3.5-billion claim for damages by the Ambassador Bridge company against the Canadian government for alleged violations of the North American Free Trade Agreement has been rejected in Washington by a three-member tribunal. 502 more words


Former Homeland Security head tells Pando why he doesn't trust his fitness data to the cloud

Michael Chertoff is one of the millions of Americans who use fitness trackers to accompany them when they exercise. In his case, when he runs. 1,285 more words