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Film of the Week: Jurassic Park

Let’s review one of my all-time favorites, one of my favorite movies growing up, and a film instrumental in turning me into the film-fanatic that I am. 383 more words


I finished the First Draft!!!!!

Oh my god!! I have done it! I have completed the first draft! Initially, when I typed the last full stop, I was in shock. Then hyperactivity set in and I bounced around my living room and opened a bottle of Prosecco. 223 more words


Jurassic Park: One of Two Books

On the shelf of any good boys dorm room sat two books. The first you’d expect: The Bible. Jurassic Park came next.

After that the next most likely was probably Chicken Soup for the High School Graduate. 292 more words

Micro (Michael Chrichton)


Vous remarquerez que j’enchaîne les bouquins de science fiction. En effet, je me lâche un peu avec mon genre préféré.

Je continue avec un livre que j’avais repéré il y a déjà quelques mois mais que je n’avais pas eu l’occasion de trouver. 638 more words


Shades by Brian Schwarz Trailer

Here is my teaser/trailer for my upcoming book! Take a look and comment below! You can preorder a copy at http://www.BrianRSchwarz.Pubslush.com