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Deep in the Boogie Down—
	the bassinet of the boom bap
	where the trinity is The Treacherous Three,

English is the third language
	behind Bronx and Puerto Rican,
		and I was nervous

because I only speak Catholic school
	and I’m a Red Sox fan.
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Lobster with Ol’ Dirty Bastard by Michael Cirelli

The broken down fishing boats on the docks rock back and forth
as if there is music in the air. Norma Jean, Captain’s Girl… 184 more words


Home is...many places.

Quotes and clichés abound as to where and what a home is. I’ve learned in my lifetime that “home” for me is actually many places. I realized this back in December 1996 when I was a patient at Georgetown University Hospital, flown back to the United States from my Peace Corps service in Moldova. 605 more words

Pen to Paper

As a child, I loved writing short stories. I lugged notebooks around in middle school, writing stories about my friends. I grew up in an age when writing notes and creating funny anecdotes were cool. 944 more words


Following my fantastic meeting with Mutle, today I had the pleasure of speaking to Michael Cirelli, the new york based urban poet, in anticipation of his performance this Saturday at Takeover Cardiff. 621 more words

Giving Me the Ghostface

He didn’t give me the gas face. Never shot me the stink eye, even on
report card day. No screw face either. And certainly not the porcelain saucer… 142 more words


I said they’re like strawberry
seeds all over her face, like when
she was born her mother rubbed
her cheeks with them. She said
she didn’t get that metaphor. 63 more words