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Sorting Out The Latest Twist In The Trump/Russia Saga: Shady Business Dealings With Russian Mafia Figures

Is there such a thing as a slow news day with President Trump? Over the weekend, a string of accusations, heavily researched pieces, and other reports either arrived or were resurrected (from last fall) on a few fronts. 1,206 more words

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Trump's Attorney Reportedly Hand-Delivered To Michael Flynn A Secret Proposal To Lift Russian Sanctions

Mike Pence recently vowed to world leaders that U.S. would never be Russia’s puppet, but some Trump associates reportedly aren’t shying away from secret deals regarding the foreign power. 549 more words

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Wine & Dine: 1770 House

When you go to the 1770 House in East Hampton, you know that you’re consistently going to get one of the best meals you’ve ever eaten. 887 more words

Will Julian Assange Be Extradited Now That Obama Commuted Chelsea Manning's Sentence?

Today President Barack Obama commuted the prison sentences of 209 people and pardoned 64 others. In all, Obama has commuted the sentences of 1,385 people (the most commutations of any president in history) and pardoned 212 others. 478 more words

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It’s beautiful today in Pittsburgh. Going for a hike in the cold air. Will have a post up later about news sources. In the meantime, welcome new readers. 415 more words


Talking Points About John Lewis and Donald Trump

  1. Congressman John Lewis’s biography gives him great moral and civic stature, but no special authority to say who is or is not a legitimate president. ¬†The issue is, does his accusation against Trump have merit and substance.
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