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Astonishing documentary - Apollo 11 (2019), directed by Todd Douglas Miller - Film Review

Apollo 11 is an important historical record of one of our most incredible achievements. It’s masterful storytelling and brilliant documentary filmmaking, put together with skill and artistry, entirely from archive material and original interviews from the time, and as such it has a purity that makes it original, compelling and completely moving. 323 more words


1964 Burgundy and Carrying the Fire by Michael Collins

I am thoroughly enjoying the 50th Anniversary Edition of Michael Collins’ Carrying the Fire, An Astronaut’s Journeys. I was pleasantly surprised to discover this wine-related passage on page 69: 212 more words


“Lego Group Helps N.A.S.A. Get Children Exited about Space Exploration,” by S.M. O’Connor

As part of The LEGO® Group’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of NA.S.A.’s historic Apollo 11 Moon Landing (on July 20, 1969) and to help inspire children to get involved with or support N.A.S.A.’s future outer space exploration efforts,  the Danish toymaker kicked off a month of worldwide events on July 16, 2019.  2,823 more words

Longing For Some "Magnificent Desolation"

A few weeks ago marked the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 and landing on moon. I caught a few ads for some documentaries in the days leading up to it but it wasn’t until someone Tweeted out… 834 more words


How Did a 10-Year-Old Boy Help Save Apollo 11?

Neil Armstrong. Buzz Aldrin. Michael Collins. The names of the Apollo 11 astronauts who were the first to journey to the moon are rightfully remembered and honored. 501 more words


Apollo 11 Press Conference

The post flight press conference of Apollo 11 conducted on August 12, 1969.