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Compassionate Community – Time for Compassion

By Karen Polich

Who are you looking out for?

Pastor Michael Cook completed his sermon series, Compassionate Community, with five reminders. (Listen here…

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Compassionate Community – The Compassion Formula

By Karen Polich

Want to live out true biblical compassion?

Listen here to Pastor Michael Cook’s sermon series Compassionate Community. Sunday he shared the…

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Compassionate Community – Compassion “In Tandem”

By Karen Polich

When transformational teaching and humble servanthood collide, fusing together in tandem, the magnetic overflow is compassion.

Pastor Michael Cook continued his Compassionate Community…

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Compassionate Community- WHY Compassion?

By Karen Polich

Who are you looking out for?

We know compassion is typically inconvenient and inefficient. If we are looking for easy, compassion rarely travels  the easy road.

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Minnesotan named North America's top tile apprentice

The trophy on display in Local 1’s New Hope training center may be small, but the accomplishment behind it – Brandon Peterson’s first-place finish in the Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers’ International Apprentice Contest – is as grand as they come. 711 more words

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Majority Rule

Michael Cook invites us to a conversation, a reimagining of Australia,  with this powerful series, Majority Rule.

“Currently, Australia’s Indigenes are a small minority, comprising only three to four percent of the total Australian population.

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Choose Gratitude

By Michael M. Cook

While many people believe God is real, many also believe He is only “watching them from a distance” and has no real desire to know them personally. 200 more words