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The 69th New York, Not the 69th New York

Many “fans” of the Irish Brigade, and in particular the 69th New York State Militia and the 69th New York Volunteer Infantry, labor under the assumption that the two units are related, the latter somehow descended from the former. 657 more words


Portraits from the New York Irish-American Weekly: 1861

Every week the New York Irish-American brought it’s news to Irish readers not just in The Empire State, but all over the United States. Many Irish soldiers at the front remained loyal readers of the newspaper throughout the Civil War. 441 more words

Irish American Civil War

1863 - Death of Sligo-born Union Brigadier General Michael Corcoran.

Michael Corcoran, who was born in Ballymote, Co Sligo, is killed when his horse falls on him. He was just thirty-six years old. Corcoran was a Confederate prisoner of war for a period but was released as part of a prisoner exchange. 71 more words