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Invasion of the body snatchers.

Guys, I am seriously starting to suspect that we’re headed toward a big sweeps reveal that half the town has been taken over by body snatching impostors. 679 more words

General Hospital

A tale of two incompetent hit men.

Nathan’s at the hospital, holding a flyer advertising┬áthe Nurses’ Ball. (Sponsored by Aveeno! Naturally Beautiful Results┬«) I would mock it more, but Aveeno products have been helping keep my Eczema at bay for years. 1,924 more words

General Hospital

Race to the bottom!

Every day this week, I’ve finished watching General Hospital and racked my brain for something interesting to say about it.

“Dear readers, Franco and Nina had relationship problems today and OH MY GOD WHO CARES,” the imaginary post in my head begins. 427 more words

General Hospital

You can't make this crap up.

This a game I like to call “actual things Port Charles citizens have said this week.” See if you can spot the dialog that isn’t real! 286 more words

General Hospital

Be still, my pining heart.

I’ve been totally bored with the show lately, so it just figures that something interesting would finally happen while I was away on vacation. But I’m back now, so consider this your belated, obligatory SQUEE post: 713 more words

General Hospital

'General Hospital' fan recap: Not going to end well

Season 52 | Episodes 240-244 | Aired Mar 16-20, 2015

It’s a toss-up to decide who was the most imbecilic and infuriating this week on… 1,223 more words

Father of the Year, ladies and gentlemen!

Science has proven that soap law is always terrible and enraging. This is an undisputed fact. But even from the darkest bowels of hell, something beautiful can sometimes emerge. 795 more words

General Hospital