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Will Michael ever work for Sonny?

This past week, I saw Michael Corinthos in a way I never have before.  I saw him being somewhat like Sonny.  When Michael discovered Sabrina’s baby at the Quartermaines, and knew he had to go find Sabrina, his relentlessness made me think of Sonny in so many ways.   208 more words

Daytime Drama

There's no joy in Mudville, kids.

Sometimes I watch this show and wonder if I’ve personally done something to offend the writers. How else to explain the way they’ve systematically set out to destroy every last remaining piece of good will I still felt for it? 1,138 more words

General Hospital

First of all, how dare you.

If you’re wondering about that sound you heard the other day, it was the last piece of my soul dying when Michael introduced himself as “Michael Corinthos.” 289 more words

General Hospital

The Guza is strong in this one.

Ah, the third try at a fifth wedding. What could be more sacred? If you answered “everything?” you are correct. But it doesn’t matter, because Carly and Sonny are tying the knot — again, some more — and we’re recapping this train wreck. 1,422 more words

General Hospital

This week, on the hypocrisy Olympics...

This was a tough one, guys. I mean, we had a week full of Michael saying in one breath how wrong it would have been for him to kill Sonny for shooting AJ, and in the next that they absolutely… 282 more words

General Hospital

This week, on All Sonny's Children...

All of Sonny’s kids are back in the fold and they all just love him so much! Isn’t that just great? Wasn’t your heart just warmed? 582 more words

General Hospital

This week, on Sonny's Hospital...

The good news is we got a week without Franco, Nina, Madeline or Kiki, and barely any of Ava’s wig. The bad news is… literally every other thing that happened. 802 more words

General Hospital