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'General Hospital' fan recap: Not going to end well

Season 52 | Episodes 240-244 | Aired Mar 16-20, 2015

It’s a toss-up to decide who was the most imbecilic and infuriating this week on… 1,223 more words

Father of the Year, ladies and gentlemen!

Science has proven that soap law is always terrible and enraging. This is an undisputed fact. But even from the darkest bowels of hell, something beautiful can sometimes emerge. 795 more words

General Hospital

Some things never change.

And Carly’s capacity for self-delusion is definitely one of them. There were so many jaw-droppingly CRAZY words coming out of her mouth during her confrontation with Michael, that I don’t think I can capture them all without transcribing the entire scene. 441 more words

General Hospital

Okay, maybe not everything is terrible.

Look, show. I am totally down with Sonny and Julian braiding sparkly friendship bracelets for each other in prison. I am even cool with them staying reluctant frenemies now that they’re on the outside again. 601 more words

General Hospital

Everything is stupid and I hate it.

You know when you know something is going to be bad, and then it happens, and it is so much worse? And all you can do is sit there and annoy your neighbors by making incoherent angry Pterodactyl noises at the screen?  583 more words

General Hospital

Franco and the amazing technicolor dream trip.

If a bomb goes off and not even one annoying character explodes, does it still make a sound? Because that was super disappointing. Sabrina was sitting… 611 more words

General Hospital

'General Hospital' recap: Bye, Felicia

Season 51 | Episodes 195–199 | Aired Jan 12-16, 2015

Way back in the Spring of 2014, General Hospital‘s Felicia Scorpio decided to run for mayor. 1,050 more words