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The Rapist's Privilege

During the 1980s women started a fight that we are still fighting today, which is the fight against rape culture. During the eighties, rape was considered a crime only done by a violent stranger, who was preferably African American. 395 more words

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Emily Cain, Red Flannel Sweat, and the Dukakis Helmet

Those moments that define who we are. What we do means more than what we say. And you can’t pull that crap and get away with it in the 2nd District, Emily Cain. 479 more words


Voters need to know who the candidates are.

It is hard to believe there was a time when you couldn’t read a Tweet from a presidential candidate and know exactly where they stand on an issue. 612 more words

Why Donald Trump's Speech at the Republican Convention Was Historic

When he took the stage in Cleveland Thursday, Donald Trump was the first major-party nominee since at least 1960 to speak for the first time at a national convention, according to a TIME review of past convention speeches. 343 more words

"Will Trump Go Away If He Loses?": You Cannot Keep The Baby Without The Bathwater

A very interesting argument has broken out over an unusual political question: If Donald Trump loses in November, can he be pushed aside while Republicans find ways to appeal to his core supporters? 565 more words


Bernie Sanders Should Never Endorse Hillary Clinton

With the end of the Democratic primaries and several weeks to go until the Democratic National Convention in July, pressure from mainstream media for Bernie Sanders… 758 more words

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Heroes of the Revolution: Elaine Noble

Elaine Noble served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives for two terms and is the first openly LGBT candidate elected to a state legislature.

She was sworn into office on New Year’s Day 1975 by governor… 85 more words

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