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Finding the Lesser of Two Evils

May 16, 2016

Assuming things stay as they are and Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump actually are the main choices presented to the American public this fall, we should expect an unusual amount of volatility in potential results. 755 more words

Project Object #7: Vintage Michael Dukakis 1988 Presidential Campaign Safety Pin Pinback Button

This item sold on March 19, 2016 in a 10 day ebay auction. The starting price was $1.99. The pin sold in a two person bidding war for $15.38. 83 more words

Artifact Landscape: Project Object

"Duck And Cover": To GOP Swiftboaters, "Democratic Socialism" Is A Politically Correct Term For 'Handouts' In The 'Hood'

Do the folks who are concerned that Bernie Sanders would be swiftboated in a general election have a point?

Just as it is an article of faith among Sanders supporters that Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton is a… 515 more words


Progressive scorecard

1968. The Democratic party, bitterly divided between liberals and way liberals, blows up.

1972. George McGovern is elected in a landslide victory and America is changed forever. 108 more words

2016 Presidential Election

"Revolution Incorporated": How Clinton Can Bring Sanders Supporters Into The Fold

With the Republican presidential race careening toward a fractious convention in Cleveland and Donald Trump warning of riots, the coming Democratic convention has garnered little comment. 1,238 more words

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Due Process

When I was a senior (’93), my high school began a program of inviting “distinguished” visitors to give talks to a selected number of students, several of whom were also invited to lunch with the speaker. 204 more words


Bernie Sanders Was Slapped for Supporting Jesse Jackson in '88

During the 1988 Democratic Presidential Primaries, Rev. Jesse Jackson emerged as a viable contender for the Democratic nomination against establishment-backed Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis. An ardent supporter of Mr.  1,068 more words

Hillary Clinton