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Simpsons joke origins: Sideshow Bob's campaign ad

Remember when Sideshow Bob ran for mayor? I’ll spare you the embarrassment of not knowing who Sideshow Bob is and show you his campaign ad. 144 more words

The Simpsons

Repo Week- Day 2: “The trouble with normal/is it always gets worse"

First off, a shoutout to Bruce Cockburn. Today’s headline is ripped straight from one of his songs. It’s actually the title track of his… 400 more words


If I Were Michael Dukakis - The Death Penalty Answer

Perhaps among the dozen most famous Presidential Debate Moments in our national history came in the 1988 race, and was asked of Michael Dukakis, then Massachusetts Governor, a Democrat: 350 more words


Jesse Jackson Jr. Leaves Federal Prison To Halfway House

Someone who I admired and followed his career closely really has fallen from grace, Jesse Jackson Jr., has been released from an Alabama prison after serving a year and a half for illegally spending $750,000 in campaign funds.   49 more words


No love for Hillary from White House

The late state Sen. Teel Bivins, R-Amarillo, once told me that the Legislature’s decennial redistricting effort gave Republican lawmakers a chance to show how they “eat their young.” 251 more words

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After "Hope and Change," People Want Change

Politico recently reported on a recent Wall St. Journal poll which found that the American voter is looking for “change” in 2016; this after eight years of the last guy who promised “change.” In 2008, 55% of the voters said they were looking for “change.” Now, that number is higher, with 59% of those polled looking for “change” in the next Presidential election. 338 more words


Paul does the Texas thing: two races at once

Kentucky’s Rand Paul is seeking to do something that Texas politicians have done for years.

He wants the ability to run for his U.S. Senate seat and the presidency of the United States at the same time. 243 more words

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