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The Atlantic Says Bay State (Hearts) Charlie Baker

Snow kidding: The current issue of The Atlantic features this piece by Molly Ball.

The Bluest Republican

Why staunchly Democratic Massachusetts loves its new GOP governor…

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"The Insurgent Strategy": It's Going To Be Hard To Convince Voters Of Republicans' Compassion On The Economy

In recent months, Republicans have been searching for ways to talk about the economy that go beyond their traditional supply-side focus on growth, which says that if we do a few key things (cut taxes, reduce regulations), the economy will grow and everyone will benefit. 628 more words


Intimate Confessions: Wendy Davis Reveals She Only Pretended, Admits She Faked It

Sarah Rumpf reports: Democrat Wendy Davis, who made national news for running one of the year’s most aggressively catastrophic campaigns, clawed her way back into the headlines this week with her comment that the “one thing” she would do differently in her race against Republican Greg Abbott is to abandon her support for the… 629 more words


Get well, '41'

The nightstand next to the bed is piling up with books I am fixin’ to read.

One of them just arrived there. It’s titled simply, “41: A Portrait of My Father.” “41” is George H.W. 455 more words

What if they called an election and nobody showed. If we build a progressive alternative, they will come.

Last week 73% of registered voters didn’t vote.

Based on Illinois’ Senate Bill 7, if that were the number of Chicago teachers voting to strike, it wouldn’t be enough. 295 more words

Early And Often

Who Paid For That Ad?

A common misperception from the 1988 Presidential campaign between George H.W. Bush and Michael Dukakis is that Bush team produced and ran ad that prominently featured… 295 more words