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Democrats need a lesson in humility. Consider what Mike Dukakis learned.

Donald won. Hillary lost. Now the Democrats face what The New York Times called “a widening breach in their party.”

Perched ever farther on the left is Bernie Sanders, perhaps still smarting from… 531 more words


How Social Media Makes Politicians More Accountable

By Luke Henderson

Politicians using social media accounts isn’t a new phenomenon, but the current President of the United States has used his in an unparalleled way. 539 more words


December 13, 1992

So, I was pretty excited about my new blank book. The first entry goes on for like five pages.

It starts out with me blathering for a bit about how all my friends want to get older so they can escape their childhoods and move on, and how I would rather just go back. 1,490 more words

Journal #1

Why Future Presidential Candidates Will Mimic Trump's Twitter Strategy

In 1992, a study of sound bite lengths took political science and the media by storm. Analysts discovered that candidate soundbites were drastically shrinking over twenty years. 796 more words

Donald Trump


An Aspen bingo game sponsored by a support group for failed presidential candidates blew up when Mrs. Clinton lost to 93-year-old Bob Dole. When Senator Dole raised his hand and shouted in triumph, “Bob Dole says, ‘Bingo!'”, Mrs. 179 more words

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Why the electoral college is actually democratic

Is the election of Donald Trump really an argument for the removal of the electoral college? Not even close.

Noticing that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and objecting to Donald Trump’s election, many people (recently former Governor of Massachusetts and presidential nominee Michael Dukakis) have renewed calls for an end to the electoral college. 628 more words

Amazing Carson Show/Cubs Coincidence Part 1

There will be no editorial comments in this post, subtle or extreme.

I will however, brag (I would rather be recognized and compensated commensurate with my ability) that few, if any picked up what transpired via a Johnny Carson Tonight Show, that aired last night on Antenna TV. 220 more words