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The Moral Language of Politics and the Differences between "Liberals" & "Progressives"

Political Scientist Greg Weiner defines a liberal as one who believes that government has the “capacity to do good, especially in ameliorating economic ills”.  Weiner defines a conservative as one who believes “the accumulated wisdom of tradition is a better guide than the hyper-charged reality of the present”. 1,698 more words


Book Review: 12 Rules For Life - An Antidote to Chaos, by Jordan B. Peterson.

By A. Sarkozyian.

Sooooo, this month – I had the great displeasure to read 12 Rules For Life by a well respected transphobe, who I will now only refer to by his second name. 685 more words


Post-American World, Never-Trumpers, Minority Republicans | Overtime with Bill Maher

Bill and his Real Time panelists – Michael Eric Dyson, John Heilemann, Shermichael Singleton, Linda Chavez, and Fareed Zakaria – answer viewer questions after the show. 22 more words

Bill Maher

Michael Eric Dyson: What Truth Sounds Like | Real Time with Bill Maher | 2018 June 08

Professor and author Michael Eric Dyson joins Bill to discuss his latest book, “What Truth Sounds Like; RFK, James Baldwin, and Our Unfinished Conversation about Race in America.” 22 more words

Bill Maher


I swear, the number of kooks who call the Democrat Party home seems to be growing exponentially. And the more they come the more they insist upon applying ALL of the many ‘character’ flaws possessed by Barry ‘O’, onto President Trump.  1,284 more words

Lying Liberals

Cheap Rhetorical Tricks

Back in the 1980s when inexpensive news programs proliferated, all wanting to emulate 60 Minutes or 20/20, I recall plenty having no problem working the public into a lather over some crime or injustice. 976 more words