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Statues and Monuments: Michael Faraday

Michael faraday was born in Southwark London in 1791. He received only a basic education before going to work at a bookbinders. He used this opportunity to read widely and attended lectures at London institutions such as The Royal Society and developed a keen interest in science. 167 more words


Save that email!

Yesterday Hilary McKay said in a comment here that lovely letters from friends and fans are a problem, from the point of view of hanging on to them. 438 more words


How I met Mrs. Jordan

My blog post about Dora Jordan is up on Sheroes and it’s my birthday. What could be more magical? But how did I, who tends to write about science, become a fan of this famous comic actress? 894 more words

Is Gold more than just a Precious Metal?

Gold in its Monoatomic Form

Michael Faraday and Gold Colloids

One day after searching the internet about Michael Faraday, I came across something very interesting. 266 more words

Colloidal Gold

Teknologi Komunikasi Canggih, Gelombang Elektromagnet, dan Apresiasi untuk Para Saintis

Kita hidup pada zaman di mana tampaknya sebagian besar umat manusia mengalami kecanduan gadget. Tidak bisa dipungkiri, banyak dari teman-teman kita yang sangat up to date… 1,116 more words


It All Makes Sense Now, I Think

Since the last post, I have been wandering around in the historical maze, seeing lots of strange sights and making a few surprising discoveries among the twists and turns. 1,261 more words

Historical Insights Into Engineering And Education

Painting: The Poor Poet (1839)

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The Poor Poet (1839) – By Carl Spitzweg (1808 –1885). Neue Pinakothek (New Pinakothek), Munich, Germany.

For some context – the following were published in 1839: 77 more words

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