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Michael Faraday's Birthday

“It is right that we should stand by and act on our principles; but not right to hold them in obstinate blindness, or retain them when proved to be erroneous.” Michael Faraday was born on this day in 1791. 81 more words

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Science Quote - Michael Faraday on Someone Who Knows They Are Right

Most scientists are quick to acknowledge that there are many things they don’t know, and many things they can’t know for certain. In science we are always gathering new data and evidence, and we know that our conclusions may end up needing to be adjusted in the future. 62 more words

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In the Form of "Human"

Every morning, I pray to a God I don’t believe in.

I sit on the porch, look to the sky, and wonder:

“Why am I here?” 776 more words


The Creation of Cinema

The beginning of cinema is a story of murder, mystery, and miraculous invention. Before starting into a series of blogs exploring film through each year of its existence, I want to take a step back and learn how it came to be. 1,238 more words

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ON THIS DAY: August 29, 2016

August 29th is

Individual Rights Day *

More Herbs, Less Salt Day

According to Hoyle Day *

National Sarcoidosis Awareness Day *

U.N. International Day Against Nuclear Tests * 565 more words


Statues and Monuments: Michael Faraday

Michael faraday was born in Southwark London in 1791. He received only a basic education before going to work at a bookbinders. He used this opportunity to read widely and attended lectures at London institutions such as The Royal Society and developed a keen interest in science. 167 more words