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Power and Light – the beginnings

“It’s all ready Sir Humphry.”

He felt tired, he sat down and took a deep breath, his lungs hurt. He knew why, he had been down into the cellars of the institution. 685 more words


Advances in Technology:electric power, transportation, and communication

The 1800s  were primarily by water, steam and coal but as the 19th century progressed scientists and inventors began to develop new technologies and inventions that powered industries and completely changed the way ordinary people around the world worked and lived. 87 more words

Industrial Revolution

Michael Faraday

In Our Time: Series 18, Episode 13

My friend calls physics magic.  Electricity is known as electrickery.  I completely agree.  When I try to think about how a smart phone works my head hurts.   953 more words

In Our Time


         di Roberto Renzetti. Michael Faraday, terzo di quattro figli, nacque nel 1791 a Newington Butts, un piccolo villaggio vicino Londra, da una famiglia di artigiani.
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Tutti Gli Articoli

This Shipwreck Gave Doctors the First Clue Mercury Might Not Be Good for You

For centuries people with maladies of any kind could look forward to a good dose of mercury, as the medical establishment had pretty much concluded that shiny things were good for people.

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Michael Faraday: Father of Electronics by Charles Ludwig

Even though this is supposedly a “juvenile” book, it is well worth reading by anyone interested in the history of technology.

Michael Faraday has an undisputed place in the study of electricity. 80 more words


Carlo Revelli (2015) Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, translated by Simon Carnell and Erica Segree.

First Lesson. The Most Beautiful of Theories.

I just nipped out at lunchtime to get a bigger brain, but they were all out, the only thing left –on special offer- was a Simon Cowell brain. 547 more words

Homer Simpson