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Speculative Speculations on Speculation

As Faraday makes discoveries about the nature of electricity and magnetism, he often devolves apologetically into speculations. Generally, these speculations appear when he attempts to give a physical explanation for various phenomena. 1,260 more words



Listrik merupakan salah satu kebutuhan penting dan sangat fundamental bagi manusia saat ini, listrik menjadi kebutuhan yang sangat vital sebagai sebuah energi bagi umat manusia di dunia. 620 more words

Tugas TIK

ZPE is way better than fusion

Zero Point Energy is the lowest possible ground state energy in the vacuum of space, and the energy packed in the very space that surrounds us is so massive that the amount of energy in a cubic meter of space is a Decillion times greater (that’s 33 zeros) 1,107 more words


Welcome All!

To everyone who is science focused and interested in the “Nature of things” (not the show), this blog is all about random (but categorized) topics, interest or thought experiments of the moment. 123 more words



Did you know Michael Faraday was born in a place called Newington Butts? The 10 year old in me was amused at least.

His Faraday Cage has been immortalized in the pop cultural zeitgeist of the 2000s through that ridiculous scene in… 52 more words


Christianity and the Development of Science: Part 2 – The Founding Fathers of Science

The first part of this blog looked at the historical relationship between Christianity and science. This second part provides additional examples of well-known past scientists whose study of nature came from a desire to know the Creator better. 3,223 more words

Philosophical And Historical Perspectives

Michael Faraday: But still try, for who knows what is possible...

From bookbinder to one of history’s greatest scientists, Michael Faraday certainly has one interesting story to tell. 339 more words

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