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Michael Gartenberg: Oh no! My current iPhone might be 'good enough'

”Widely believed to be coming in September, as it has in previous years, the next iPhone has been the subject of much speculation. It’s said to lack a headphone jack, have a capacitive Home button, and a new dual camera system on the Plus version,” Michael Gartenberg writes for iMore. 319 more words


What it's like to be headhunted by Apple

”One tech industry analyst who was headhunted by the firm has revealed what it’s like to be wooed by the tech giant,” Sky News reports. “Michael Gartenberg was asked whether he was willing to relocate to Cupertino, California – without even being told what his role would be.” 187 more words


Michael Gartenberg: Where does Apple go from here?

”Today Apple is valued as one of, if not the, most valuable companies in the world,” Michael Gartenberg writes for iMore. “And with good reason. 170 more words


Apple lives in a real world, not a virtual one

”There are a few technologies that are always five years out. Things such as 100% perfect handwriting recognition… or a really good Star Trek game,” Michael Gartenberg writes for iMore. 156 more words