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Split Brains and Self-Deception

I recently attended a presentation of the Center for the Explanation of Consciousness at Stanford University. The speaker was Michael Gazzaniga, who directs the University of California at Santa Barbara’s SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind. 51 more words

National Geographic Features Split-Brain Pioneer

For more than fifty years, DABI member Michael Gazzaniga, Ph.D., has been working towards fostering our understanding of the human brain. During the summer of 1964, he worked under neurobiologist… 422 more words

Dana Alliance For Brain Initiatives

Reading through confusion

Right now there are several books dazed with how poorly I’m doing at giving them my attention. I still owe time to Oliver Sacks’, “Musicophilia”, I picked up on this book last week and I’m… 750 more words


The attention schema theory of consciousness deserves your...attention

Michael Graziano published a brief article in the New York Times on his attention schema theory of consciousness, which a number of my fellow bloggers have linked to and discussed.   1,336 more words


Course Reflection #1: Economics, Society, and Development

One-page reflection: Relate today’s readings to socio-economic status. How do economics and society impact development?

This week our readings covered several topics: neurological and physical development…

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David Chalmers: How do you explain consciousness?

In this TED talk, David Chalmers gives a summary of the problem whose name he coined, the hard problem of consciousness.

via David Chalmers: How do you explain consciousness? 740 more words