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On "Ugly" Cinema

Michael Haneke once said that the perfect movie moment is one that makes you want to look away. His movies are full of moments like these; scenes of violence, perversion or unpleasantness that turn the stomach, while never feeling indulgent or masturbatory like, say, … 563 more words

JAUJA (pronounced: HAHA, apparently) Review

I know it’s probably a lucrative marketing technique that’s lost on me, but not being able to pronounce the name of a film is something I find deeply irritating. 638 more words


Östlund Retrospective: Play

This week TIFF will be hosting In Case of No Emergency: The Films of Ruben Östlund, a travelling retrospective on the Force Majeure director’s canon of films. 615 more words


Funny Games (1997)

Director Michael Hanake has an explanation for what makes his controversial 1997 film different from more recent torture porn movies but I’m not buying it. … 477 more words



Here’s a film that couldn’t be more different from the teen comedies that I’ve enjoyed watching all week. I’ve been hard at work catching up on all the movies I missed to prepare for Wandering Through the Shelves’ … 389 more words


"Goodnight Mommy" - Sweet Dreams

Goodnight Mommy, which we saw on Saturday as part of the New Directors New Films series, is not scheduled to open in this country until August, but I’m too excited by the film to wait until then to write about it. 517 more words


Who Should Direct the Next 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie?

Say what you will about Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie — but it was, at the very least, a more competently made endeavor than… 783 more words