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John Kelly Jr Interview

John Kelly Jr. is currently the TV voice of Men’s and Women’s Basketball for the US Merchant Marine Academy.

He is currently entering his third year on the call for US Merchant Marine Basketball Academy at Kings Point, New York. 2,772 more words

Play By Play

Meeting Expectations…

It’s astonishing to observe the harsh portrayal of six paper mill workers from Green Bay, WI, convicted of a heinous murder in 1995. Often when this subject surfaces in conversation or during a news story, these men are characterized as monsters. 1,090 more words

Five Innocent Men

A Convoluted Process…

My good friend and partner Johnny J who is a retired private investigator openly states that he has always been enamored with the American judicial process because of our ability to go back and fix what is broken. 872 more words

Five Innocent Men

Healing Through Expression…

On Monday, March 9th, a trio of truth crusaders was given another opportunity to share a noble mission on blog talk radio. This second engagement included Joan Van Houten, step-daughter of Michael Johnson (one of the convicted men in the Monfils case); Johnny Johnson, Private Investigator and I. 327 more words

Five Innocent Men

Was it Murder? The Essence of a Wrongful Conviction Case…

Welcome! This week I am embarking on a new series that examines major aspects of a recent 152-page motion ❶ regarding a murder case from 1992 that questions the legitimacy of the convictions of six mill workers, Keith Kutska, Rey Moore, Dale Basten, Michael Hirn, Michael Johnson and Michael Piaskowski. 1,055 more words

The Monfils Conspiracy

Conciliatory Jurisprudence…

In the near future I will be bringing to light and elaborating on many of the major aspects of the motion (appeal) that was filed in the Wisconsin Monfils case on October 31st, 2014. 689 more words

Five Innocent Men

Hope for the Holidays…

This time of year I send a little bit of holiday cheer along with a message of hope to my wrongfully incarcerated friends; Keith Kutska, Reynold Moore, Mike Hirn, Mike Johnson and Dale Basten… 950 more words

Five Innocent Men