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Ultimate 90s Blogathon - "Total Recall" (1990)

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'Tales from the Crypt' nostalgia recap: "The Sacrifice"

Season 2 | Episode 7 | Originally Aired May 15, 1990
Directed by Richard Greenberg; written by Ross Thomas

The seal is broken—my Tales from the Crypt… 1,139 more words

Total Recall - Review


My first memories of Total Recall have gone on in the same way that my own for RoboCop had. I was thirteen years old and I saw both films back to back on television (where they were both uncensored, surprisingly) and although both had been helpful factors in allowing myself to accept the sight of graphic violence on the screen, I merely came out just liking them because all I saw was an action film. 917 more words

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Scanners (1981, David Cronenberg)

About a half hour into Scanners, the film starts to run out of its initial steam. Director Cronenberg (who also scripted) opens the film with some dynamic set pieces–lead Stephen Lack mind frying a mean woman, Lack on the run from goons, Patrick McGoohan chaining Lack down and torturing him (apparently), and Michael Ironside blowing up some guy’s head with his mind. 633 more words


TRAILERS: Starship Troopers (1997)

“Everyone fights, no one quits. If you don’t do your job I’ll shoot you myself.” (Michael Ironside)

Classic 90s action, with classic Paul Verhoeven at the helm, this is a very enjoyable space romp that takes a satirical look at a future where Earth is run by a totalitarian and facist regime and goes to war against an ugly planet, “a bug planet!” 41 more words

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RETRO REVIEW: Starship Troopers (1997)

1997 brought us so many entertaining films across a variety of genres, it’s really hard to pick a handful of films to focus on. One film that stands out for me is… 1,074 more words

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