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Double Feature #25 - Back To The Future Trilogy

For the 25th Double Feature I wanted to do something a bit fun and different. I wanted to go with one of my favorite movies of all time, but when I chose, the first film, I decided to go a little nuts. 3,876 more words

Double Feature

In ‘Back To The Future,’ The Pinheads Were Terrible And Deserved To Be Cut

If you’re wondering what this is, sometimes, in the world we live in today, for sanity’s sake, I need to write something really dumb. This is one of those times. 798 more words

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Gettin' Outta Dodge

First of all, special thanks to my friend and brother, Pastor Ken Roberts, for his excellent message, last Sunday, filling in for Pastor Jim Mindling. He really did confirm for me what the topic of this post would be. 1,485 more words


Back to the Future: Part 2 (1989) Film Review

Part 2 is entertaining enough on its own, although it isn’t anywhere near as clever or brilliant as the original. It trades its smart underlying design for antics paced at breakneck speed; a rollercoaster ride of what-ifs and who-done-its. 389 more words


Back to the Future (1985) Film Review

Scratch one more off of my embarrassing lIst of American classics that I should have seen twenty years ago. A viewing partly inspired by Letterboxd’s Time Travel Showdown, but also by the fact that my local library had the three-disc set in stock. 533 more words