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Great Scott! Back to the Future's 'Pepsi Perfect' Is Now a Real Thing

Courtesy Pepsi

This is heavy, Doc. Back to the Future fans will soon be able to live out one of their futuristic fantasies in real life. 268 more words


Documentary Filmmaker: There Will Never Be A Back To The Future Reboot

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Jason Aron, the Director of the new Kickstarter funded documentary Back In Time about the movie, Back To The Future, discussed the history of the film, previewed his documentary, and reassured fans worried about rumors of a reboot. 378 more words

Heard On

Work in progress Back to the future #2

I wasn’t planning on posting this one until it was completely done. As I’m sure you can tell the letters needs some color, but the pens I ordered for that hasn’t arrived and I didn’t want to wait any longer. 67 more words

Fan Art

The Frighteners: A Forgotten Treat At Halloween

In My Humble Opinion:  The 1996 film The Frighteners is a generally forgotten film when it comes to horror movies.  Granted, it’s far from the scariest movie out there, but it’s a truly entertaining picture that successfully blends both the horror and comedy genre together.  314 more words


The Frighteners (1996) Review

Dir. Peter Jackson

Starring Michael J. Fox and Jeffrey Combs

Plot: A man by the name of Frank Bannister (Fox) has a special ability to see dead spirits. 291 more words


SciFridays: "The Frighteners" (1996)

Baddie: Serial killers who never ever learn.

Lesson: I don’t even know. Extortion is bad?

IT’S OCTOBERWEEN. This is my third Octoberween with Rooster Illusion  621 more words


Pulling Records From the Pile.

Light of Day Soundtrack – V/A                   Strangely enough I recall the excitement of Joan Jett not only appearing in, but co-starring in a movie about Rock & Roll. 347 more words