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Thirty Years Ago, Teen Wolf Gave Us Stiles

Welcome to Sidekicks, a new feature that celebrates the greatest (and oft-forgotten) partners-in-crime within film and music history. Today, Film Editor Justin Gerber kicks off the series by dialing it back three decades ago to the day Michael J. 782 more words

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Scott Was A Menace In 'Teen Wolf' And Should Have Been Arrested

Let’s talk about Teen Wolf for a few minutes. Not that claw and fang soap opera on MTV that your high school cousin watches, but the REAL… 1,464 more words


"Teen Wolf" (1985)

Grade: (7.5/10)

One of the classic comedies out there that delivers a richly creative story with a charming performance from Fox.


A socially awkward high-school kid finds his seemingly common life turned upside down when he discovers his family ancestry passes down a trait that turns him into a werewolf. 541 more words


What The 'Teen Wolf' Cast And Crew Have Been Up To Since The '80s

It’s been thirty years since the release of Teen Wolf, and in that time, Michael J. Fox became a megastar, many of his castmates moved away from the movie business, it’s co-writer has become a comic book legend, and the title and basic premise of the film found new life in its second attempt at being a TV show. 866 more words


Monthly Science Fiction Films @ The Library - Fall 2015 Schedule

Fall is coming. Being a Game of Thrones fan I almost wrote “winter is coming,” but of course, fall will be here first!

And speaking of fall and Science Fiction/Fantasy titles — here is a flyer listing our Monthly Science Fiction Films @ the library for the fall season! 203 more words

Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery Workshop

In our day-to-day lives, most of us take for granted the ability to walk, talk, speak, and share nonverbal communication like a smile, raised eyebrow, wink or nod. 341 more words

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