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Movie pick for Sunday 

Sunday’s pick is The Founder (2016) directed by John Lee Hancock. This is about milkshake salesman Ray Kroc who took the McDonald brothers restaurant by means of greed, and vicious means

Spotlight (2015)

“This city, these people… making the rest of us feel like we don’t belong. But they’re no better than us. Look at how they treat their children. 658 more words


Review: The Founder (2017)

It’s late at night and you want some cheap, fattening food to fuel your stomach after a night filled with questionable decisions.  Where do you go?   939 more words


Riggan Thomson

Michael Keaton’s performance is outstanding in this movie, it’s the best comeback role since Mickey Rourke’s portrayal in 2008’s The Wrestler. It’s the best B-man Keaton’s done, not Beetlejuice, not Batman but Birdman. 177 more words


Michael Keaton sizzles in 'The Founder'

Moviegoers were introduced to the legend of McDonalds and Ray Kroc. Michael Keaton stars as McDonalds executive Ray Kroch, who starts out as a traveling salesman selling milkshake makers to drive-ins across the country. 292 more words


The Founder Review: Golden Crisp and Cold Blooded

The soft smile hanging on my lips through the first half of the The Founder drooped away slowly. The gradual realization of Ray Kroc’s (Michael Keaton) character builds up scene by scene until his ambitions lead him to decisions that aren’t only logical, they’re inevitable. 650 more words


The Founder

I suppose it was to be expected that Ray Kroc, the “founder” of McDonald’s, was an asshole. But, wow, was he ever an asshole. He died well before this movie was made but it seems he would have agreed with that assessment and been fine with it since it got him where he wanted to be – it made him rich, eventually. 236 more words