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Review: The Founder

Director: John Lee Hancock

Stars: Michael Keaton, John Carroll Lynch, Nick Offerman

It’s not unreasonable to say that McDonald’s restaurants changed America, and by extension changed the world. 779 more words


The Founder - Review

THE Founder tells the story of how Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) turned McDonald’s from a quality family business to a disgusting money grabbing outlet selling what essentially might as well be human excrement (I think that’s the official synopsis). 409 more words

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The Founder: McDonalds The Great

The Founder is a capitalist nightmare. I mean, the events of the film are certainly, but the film could have been about it without actually being it. 823 more words


The Founder


The Founder may well be the perfect film for the era of Donald Trump – it’s all about crass commercialism, overarching ambition and a multi-billion dollar empire that was founded upon so-called ‘alternative facts’ – or ‘lies’, as we might more accurately call them. 409 more words


Review: The Founder

The idea that John Lee Hancock’s latest film was probably just another narrative about making it in America meant that my anticipation for it was rather low. 691 more words


The Founder Review

Biopics are tricky things. When you know that a movie is based on a true story, you are often left to wonder how much of the characters and events portrayed are factual. 356 more words


#5 - The Founder

Due to the wonders of Parks & Recreation I have become a full blown fan of Nick Offerman and was undoubtedly excited to see him take on a serious role with this new film… 259 more words