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I’d like to think I’ve done some cool things in my life… I’ve been named teacher of the year, hurdled for a D1 college Track and Field team on an athletic scholarship, competed in some of the most famous stadiums in the US against Olympians, earned two masters degrees, rode a motorcycle, walked on Lambeau Field, driven a Ferarri… etc, etc, etc. 294 more words

RoboCop (2014) Decent Remake Sans the Quirky Humor

Perhaps the most noticeable thing missing in the RoboCop 2014 remake, directed by José Padilha (Elite Squad, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within) are the quirky commercials, “I’d buy that for a dollar,” and the sunscreen that gives the user skin cancer are just a few of the adverts that made the first 1987 version, the Peter Weller starring Paul Verhoeven directed tongue in cheek thriller so beloved by its fans, that little bit special. 428 more words


Film Review: Birdman | What We Talk About When We Talk About Superheroes

In many ways, being an actor and being a superhero are the same thing. There’s a public demand for your service, you have to completely assume a role different from who you are, you are judged on your ability to perform, you are forced to keep your public and private life separate, and there’s always a chance that you will fail greatly and people can suffer because of that. 835 more words

Quail Bell

Jimmy Chin, Nadav Kander, and Art Streiber featured in PDN's 2015 Photo Annual

Congratulations to Jimmy Chin, Nadav Kander, and Art Streiber, who are featured in PDN‘s new photo annual! Below, the winning work… 195 more words

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Birdman of The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

“See? There you go, you motherfucker. Gravity doesn’t even apply to you. Wait till you see the faces of those who thought we were finished. Listen to me. 423 more words

Izzy Grimshaw

Rob Leane’s Fitness Quest, Week 8 Update: Fatman (Or The Unexpected Virtue Of Setting Targets)

Me and Michael Keaton: kindred spirits in running in public and embarrassing ourselves. Or something.

As you might have guessed from the distinct lack of blogging on my part, I may have fallen off the fitness wagon a bit. 500 more words