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On August 25 Tim Burton was born...

On August 25, 1958 Tim Burton was born. 

The director and producer is best known for his theatrical work that include elements of goth, horror, as well as fantasy. 120 more words


Jona Xiao Joins Spider-Man: Homecoming

Jona Xiao, whose credits include Rizzoli & Isles, Trophy Wife and Bones,  has joined the cast of Sony-Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. There are no details as to what role she will be playing. 46 more words


UK release date: 29/01/16

Directed by: Tom McCarthy

Spotlight, the winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture, tells the true story of how one newspaper uncovered a child molestation scandal within the Catholic Archdiocese in Boston. 64 more words


Spotlight (2015)

An extensively researched, skilfully crafted, brilliantly directed, deftly written, tightly edited & outstandingly performed cinema, Spotlight attempts to re-enact the investigation process that led to the uncovering of what became the faith-shattering scandal of the 21st century when it exposed the decades-long history of child molestation incidents within the confinements of the Catholic Church and its continuous cover-up by the Holy institution. 448 more words

Film Review

Need for Speed (Non-Spoiler Review)

A film adaptation of a video game that reached the height of its popularity 10 years ago; all the while shamelessly cashing in on elements of the Fast & Furious franchise? 283 more words

Aaron Paul

It’s Weird When Movies Become TV Shows: ‘Gung Ho’

“Hey, people loved it as a movie. What if we change the cast and put it on TV once a week? What could go wrong… 689 more words