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Excuse me, I Am A Bigz Girl!


So because Rita lived with some big big girls back in school and she likes branded clothes and stuffs, she is a bigz girl? 469 more words



A sleepless day-out was not just what this day was all about. Our church set out a standard where we as members do not go on dating how the “world” does. 133 more words

the things I won't miss

The things that I won’t miss about living in the states mainly have to do with the society that we are living in.

I won’t miss things like, golden McDonald’s arches on every other corner, and paper Starbucks cups in every other hand.  711 more words


I don’t believe in fashion do’s and don’ts, every individual is unique and has their own style and it’s up to them on how they will add some thrill into their style and take a risk to make it work. 106 more words

April Outfit Post.

Michael Korrs Fab Bags!

My sister is selling pre-order bags which are aunthentic, fresh from the US. And upon arrival of her bags, I fell in love with these 2 MK bags! 112 more words


when in doubt, dress up

I’m back readers! sorry, been busy lately at school.. We had our exam so I need to study all my lessons. :D So, what’s up? hehe. 174 more words

April Outfit Post.