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Style sisters behind Ottawa's Fashion United

Tamara Stepchuk-Forrest and Olenka Stepchuk went to university to study art history and forestry, respectively. What they didn’t know at the time was if they fast-forwarded 20 years, they’d be running a family fashion empire. 1,285 more words


♡ black friday ♡

One of many purchases made this weekend during all the black Friday sales, which was the perfect time to do so.  I pretty much had my heart set on getting a new watch. 49 more words


Me 2014 Vs Me 2015

So this weekend has mainly been about icky mouth ulcers. Literally hundreds of them. Well not hundreds but at least ten. At first it was suspected hand, foot and mouth but now it seems the doctor thinks it’s something to do with a low immune system. 473 more words

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