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UPROXX Investigates: The Making Of Comedy Central's Newest Series 'Big Time In Hollywood, FL'

The world has been waiting for a TV show set in the glorious town of Hollywood, Florida. It’s a town most are affectionate towards due to the fact that their grandparents live in or around the area. 2,072 more words


Hell Ride (2008)

Two rival bikers gangs, the Victors and the Six-Six-Six’s, refuel their decades-old rivalry.


Boarding Gate (2007) - "I'm not crying for you. I'm crying for myself."

Sandra is both a stoic and an existentialist (oxymoronic as this combination might appear). She combines a ferocious determination (both to survive, and to insist on her own way, even when this is incompatible with the goal of survival) with a clear-eyed, unromantic ability to grasp things in their painful, unadorned actuality, entirely divorced from any sort of fantasy wish-fulfillment, and to accept this fatal unrelentingness.

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MOVIE REVIEW | ***REMAKE WEEK*** The Getaway (1994)


“Don’t think too badly about your wife, Doc. After all, you were locked up in prison. She is a stunningly, healthy young woman.”

I don’t have a problem with the concept of remakes.  506 more words

Reservoir Dogs

Year: 1992
Director: Quentin Tarantino

Summary: Six unacquainted professional criminals are brought together by a veteran thief to execute an intricately planned diamond robbery. 73 more words


Vinnie Jones and Michael Madsen Team Up for a "Diamond Heist"

Two of the most prolific actors in the crime genre are set to team up in Éva Gárdos and Róbert Koltai’s Diamond Heist. Starring Vinnie Jones ( 92 more words