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Happy Birthday, Aunt Kate!

I don’t like to repost previously published posts, but since I haven’t been able learn anything new and I do want to honor the memory of my great grand-aunt Kate. 445 more words

Michael McCormack

McCormack family important dates for November

Hello! I know that it has been quite a long time since I last posted a story here. Well, I would like to start the month of November off with a post about important dates in the McCormack family. 316 more words

Michael McCormack

Amanuensis Monday – Affidavit of Decease

It has been a couple of weeks since I last posted and I didn’t start to post this piece but something else. Sorry for the delay. 303 more words

Michael McCormack

Where Oh Where did my McCormacks come from?

I must apologize for not posting anything for almost the past month. It has been not because I didn’t want to but that my schedule was pretty taken up with work. 1,027 more words

Happy Birthday, John Michael McCormack and . . .

Hi once again! Today, I would like to wish a couple of family members a Happy Birthday!

Today, 7 Apr, is the birthday of which I believe are the first McCormack twins, John Michael and his brother, for which a lack of a better name, “Patrick J.” If they both had lived today, they would 155 years old! 343 more words

Michael McCormack

Family Treasures: Another "Before & After" picture - Lucille and Edith Marie McCormack as young girls

I would like to share another photo that I got from my cousin Lance. This is a photo that I digitally “fixed” in Photoshop. the young girls in the photo are Lucille Mae and Edith Marie McCormack, daughters of (Thomas) Henry McCormack, son of Michael and Catherine McCormack. 299 more words

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Belated November McCormack family birthdays!

I know that it isn’t November any more, but I still wanted to remember the following people because if you are forgotten you are truly dead and I don’t want these people to be forgotten. 518 more words

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