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Complexity and Prediction Part V: The crisis of mathematical paradoxes, Gödel, Turing and the basis of computing

Before the referendum I started a series of blogs and notes exploring the themes of complexity and prediction. This was part of a project with two main aims: first, to sketch a new approach to education and training in general but particularly for those who go on to make important decisions in political institutions and, second, to suggest a new approach to political priorities in which progress with education and science becomes a central focus for the British state. 608 more words


Как на самом деле работает протокол Биткойн (часть 1)

Замечательное объяснение принципов работы сети Bitcoin авторства Michael Nielsen. Часть первая из трёх.
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Neural Networks and Deep Learning by Michael Nielsen

If you are like me and you took Andrew Ng’s introduction to Machine Learning on Coursera, then you might be excited about this hot topic in computer science and wondering how to get your hands dirty with your newly obtained knowledge and the massive amount of data out there. 1,841 more words

Deep Learning

4 TED Talks that make the case for open science in health care

Sometimes it seems as if the Internet has created a bold new era of openness. But if there is one place where openness appears to be lagging, it would be scientific research. 769 more words