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November 8: Happy Birthday Richard Curtis and Alain Delon

Writer and director Richard Curtis is turning 61 today.  He has a connection to both of yesterday’s headliners—he was born in New Zealand, like Lorde, while Lindsay Duncan had a prominent role in his film… 825 more words

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Like his predecessors, Pierce Brosnan has struggled to find legitimate success since retiring as James Bond. Occasionally he stumbles into a good role (The Matador, Love Is All You Need) or a hit like Mamma Mia!, but recent years have seen him emulate fellow Irishman Liam Neeson, playing ageing heroes driven to violence.
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John Wick (Review)

Yeah, I’ve only just recently watched this movie.  Sue me.

There are two things about this movie that I think makes it stand out from other action movies.   278 more words

Film Review

John Wick

What do most Action Heroes have in common? The keyword is Revenge. One man in particular is John Wick.

John Wick was released in October 24, 2014. 390 more words


John Wick

There is no formula more conducive to kickass movie-making than the revenge story. This time…it’s personal. They thought they killed him…they thought wrong. It’s time for payback. 993 more words


Here's What I Know, Volume #9: RIP Michael Nyqvist, Trump, black coffee, baseball PPV

Live from the hot sauna that is St. Louis in the month of July, a stream of consciousness.

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I noted with some sadness last week the passing of Michael Nyqvist, the actor who starred in the film adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… 1,268 more words