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Today I watched the action / revenge flic “John Wick 230 more words

John Wick

“Don’t Set Him Off”

Keanu Reeves (Matrix) is making an emergence back on the big screen. “John Wick” is the proof to my point. This action packed vengeance fest is violently fun and makes me hope Keanu is indeed back. 977 more words


'John Wick' (2014): Review

Directed by: Chad Stahelski, David Leitch || Produced by: Basil Iwanyk, David Leitch, Eva Longoria, Michael Witherill

Screenplay: Derek Kolstad || Starring… 1,720 more words

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Expressionism and Psychomachia?!: Yes, this is my essay on "John Wick"

John Wick is slick, quick, and tightly focused.  It holds no pretensions to depth, even with regard to its cinematography (which opts for a shallow field of focus), but that’s nothing to fault it with.  1,648 more words


John Wick

Anticipation 3/5  Can the movie deliver, or was the trailer just a good short film…

Final Verdict 4/5 Nothing new in terms of plot, but the action delivers impressive blows! 474 more words


‘John Wick’ redeems Keanu Reeves in his best role in years

If we learn one thing from “John Wick,” it is this: do what you want to the ex-hitman—break into his house, beat him up, steal his car. 682 more words


REVIEW: "John Wick"

Let me say I have always liked Keanu Reeves even when his movies didn’t quite hit their mark. He has always come across as a likable guy which has often translated onto the screen. 660 more words

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