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"Dumped Clinton emails contained insinuations, conspiracy theories and negative portrayals painting Michael Oren as almost an enemy agent who could not be trusted"

Hillary Clinton’s treatment of Michael Oren as ambassador
by Shmuley Boteach
February 25, 2016

In the recent email dump from Hillary Clinton’s private server, a series of poisonous emails and articles were exchanged regarding former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren… 99 more words

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Why the Israeli Government Ignores American Jews

Israel has an American Jewish problem. This problem manifests itself in different ways, but it seems unquestionable that varied segments of American Jewry do not support Israel in the all-encompassing and largely uncritical way that they once did. 1,021 more words


Why The NGO Bill Does And Doesn't Matter

Much ado has been made lately over Israel’s now infamous bill regulating non-governmental organizations. This is the proposed legislation requiring Israeli NGOs receiving a majority of their funding from foreign governments to report their funding sources and their representatives to wear identifying badges while in the Knesset. 987 more words


Understanding the Religious–Secular Dilemma of U.S.–Middle East Relations, part 1 of 4

I was in a fascinating conversation recently with a very sharp political science student, talking about the secular and religious intersection of U.S. – Middle East relations. 1,004 more words


Winter Reading List

When the days grow short, the weather cold, and the pull of a comfortable chair next to a warm fire almost irresistible, we imagine we will weather our way through various and sundry winter storms while sipping hot chocolate or tea (or a fine Islay whisky!), cuddling up, and reading.   252 more words

Next week Netanyahu and Obama likely to discuss $5 billion a year defense aid beginning 2017

US officials: Israel requesting $5 billion in annual defense aid
by Staff
November 5, 2015

Israel is asking the United States for $5 billion in annual defense aid for a decade, beginning in 2017, US congressional sources told Reuters on Wednesday.  110 more words

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Why didn't Dennis Ross speak up when it might have been useful ?

Dennis Ross: Critics were right about Obama, Iran and Israel
by Jennifer Rubin
October 28, 2015

Too bad then that Ross did not unequivocally oppose the deal and urge Democrats to do the same. 126 more words

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