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Review: Tusk

Kevin Smith’s latest film Tusk has landed here in the UK with little fanfare. It’s out on DVD and I’m sure you can download it also. 1,462 more words


TV Movie Review: Rainbow (1978)

The early years of Judy Garland hold a particular interest with me. If you haven’t heard her Decca recordings from the 1930’s, get thee to YouTube! 356 more words


We Are What We Are: The Review

Director: Jim Mickle
Cast: Bill Sage, Ambyr Childers, Julia Garner, Michael Parks
Plot: When Frank Parker’s (Sage) wife dies under mysterious circumstances, his family’s secret is washed to the surface, both metaphorically and literally. 664 more words

Reviews From The Past

Movie Review: Tusk

Back in November, I told my wife that I wanted an autographed Blu Ray copy of Tusk from Jay and Silent Bob’s secret Secret Stash for my birthday. 777 more words

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I wish I was dead: Death Wish 5

Everyone remembers the Simpson’s gag with an ancient Charles Bronson in Death Wish 9 saying “I wish I was dead, Oy”, and now we’re at the film that it best applies to on my little journey following the Kerse’s violent retribution on Street Punks. 1,619 more words


Tusk (2014) Review

New to DVD/Blu-Ray.

It’s fair to say you won’t see a film quite like “Tusk” ever again.

And given the schizophrenic nature of writer/director/ podcaster/stoner Kevin Smith’s creature feature, this may be a good thing. 410 more words


Twin Peaks S02 E04: Laura's Secret Diary

Secrets within secrets can drive a person batty. On last the last episode of “Twin Peaks,” we learn that Harold Smith had Laura’s real diary. 1,322 more words

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