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Fury **REVIEW**

I’ve heard all good things about this movie and I got happily surprised when I finally got around to see it. It’s heart warming and sad at the same time..  204 more words


Movie Monday: End of Watch

Title: End of Watch

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña

Synopsis: First of all we see a film that looks like a buddy-cop movie, with Officers Taylor (Gyllenhaal) and Zavala (Peña) attaching camcorders to themselves to capture their police antics on camera. 212 more words


Ayer Crafts a War Film for the Ages with Fury

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of war films. While this probably sounds ridiculous considering my last post on Eastwood’s American Sniper, their frequent propagandist feel and clichéd plots generally fail to tickle my fancy. 589 more words

Film Review

Inspiration of the Week: My Thoughts on Fury starring Brad Pitt

If you haven’t seen the movie then please don’t read this because it’s a huge spoiler alert.

I just finished watching Fury and of course I watched the movie because of not only Brad Pitt but Shia Labeouf. 982 more words

Weight Loss

Corazones de Hierro (2014)


La guerra es un evento que pone a pruebas a aquellos que quieren dejar de ser niños y pasan a ser hombres. En la guerra se forman hermandades que no se romperán jamás, el objetivo los junta y hermana en un lazo irrompible. 637 more words


Ferocious fighting Fury

Fury   ★★★★☆   dir. David Ayer

Hollywood big gun Brad Pitt rolls into action as a battle-hardened tank commander in this mud and guts war epic that takes no prisoners. 233 more words