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The Jesus Cow (2015) Michael Perry

The Jesus Cow (2015) Michael Perry

What is the secret to a happy life?

Wait for it…

The answer (according to our Hero, Harley) is: 166 more words

Nathaniel Mauger

A Sense of Place: Its Role in a Story and What to Capitalize

A Sense of Place: Its Role in a Story and What to Capitalize

by Kathleen Watson

Panel members at a writers conference I attended several years ago were presented with this challenge: … 596 more words

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Edmund Husserl’s Theory of Phenomenology

Sparta, NJ, resident Michael Perry serves as the head of marketing for ClubsGalore, a popular provider of gift-of-the-month style clubs. In his free time, Michael Perry enjoys reading and studying philosophy and is particularly fond of the works of Cicero and… 169 more words

Michael Perry

He felt himself longing for a time he never knew, that futile sweetness of the deep yearn. He wondered for a moment if this was why all his relationships wrecked; perhaps he was better at longing than 

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Life is a rough approximation of things hope for. You need to revel in the misfires. In the scars and dings. You need to develop a taste for regret.

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There is a mighty space between the known and the unknown, and a lot of folks use theology to spackle the gap. – The Jesus Cow, Michael Perry

On Truth & Knowing

Doesn’t it fascinate you? Little beautiful things like that? Especially in this loud ridiculous world? And isn’t it the cheapest sort of heaven to be able to climb into a place like this and lie around like the rest of the world has been put on hold until you’re ready for it again? – The Jesus Cow, Michael Perry

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