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I Origins movie - My thoughts contains movie content

I watched I Origins. It’s basically about scientific research on the human eye. The story starts off with a scientist who falls in love with a girl with beautiful eyes. 106 more words


ROB THE MOB is one of 2014's biggest surprises

Rating: ★★★★

This ’90s-set Bonnie and Clyde lunatic love story, in which a couple of ex-con young punks start robbing mafia social clubs after realising that going straight doesn’t pay too well might be a based on a true story, but that’s really just an excuse for us to spend some quality time with two people who are truly, deeply and madly into one another. 491 more words

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Earnest but urgent, I ORIGINS mixes legitimate science with poetic spiritualism

Rating: ★★★

Writer-director Mike Cahill’s follow-up to Another Earth, I Origins attempts to settle the argument of Creationism Vs. Evolution and asks the big questions of how we got here and what happens after we die. 551 more words

Vérité Film Magazine

Hannibal Review: “Apertivo” (Season 3, Episode 4)

“One of those friendships that ends after the disemboweling.”

“Apertivo” was the episode 2 I was hoping for. The fact that it comes a little later in the season doesn’t bother me, though, because I think it was a necessary choice for pacing reasons. 859 more words


I'm Not Dead ... I Think

It’s been so long since I updated Virgins Never Die — one year from today, to be exact. So it feels fitting that I should write this update now. 940 more words


Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001)

There’s a jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly in Hedwig’s trailer. You can first see it in the Wig in a Box number.

It can also be seen later in the movie, when Tommy (Michael Pitt) meets Hedwig (John Cameron Mitchell) in her trailer.

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