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What the Hell Does Competitiveness Mean and Why the Hell Should We Care?

Some advice: beware politicians talking about competitiveness.

In the socio-economic arena, you can find an index for this and an index for that. But the World Economic Forum’s “ 779 more words

Post Growth

Beyond customers

Creating value is the epicenter of marketing. But, and this is fundamental, value has to reach beyond customers. There has to be something in it for investors, employees and communities as well. 246 more words


Supply, demand, and competition: How to use economics as your strategic building block

As much as a great idea is a great thing, one can only rest on ideas for so long, especially when it comes to building a business. 479 more words

May the force(s) be with you

This text about the five competitive forces that shape strategy was educational and interesting, despite it being quite lengthy. Michael Porter took a unique and detailed look at the aspects he considers to be the most important in the world of business and industry. 399 more words

The Five Forces

The words competition, rivalry and strategy are far from unknown in the world of business. This is a world of industry and profit, and therefore industries work hard to have the best strategies for achieving their goals. 471 more words

Competition Makes the World Go 'Round

While reading Michael Porter’s, “The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy,” two recurring thoughts raced through my mind. 1) If this is what business students learn, I’m glad I’m not one. 337 more words

Reflecting on "The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy"

Although I knew about these forces before reading the article, I did not know these were the ‘five forces that shape industry competition’. It was interesting to read what he had to say about each force because Michael Porter explained each with great examples and lots of detail. 294 more words