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Re-SWOT your business with 3D printing in mind - Threats

In a prior post of this series, I explained why it is wise to (re)SWOT your business with 3D printing* in mind. In this post, I propose some questions to assess the potential Threats your organization could be facing. 284 more words

Industry 4.0 And Factory Of The Future

The 'Creating Shared Value' Proposition

The following is an excerpt from one of my latest contributions, entitled; “Corporate Social Responsibility: Theoretical Underpinnings and Conceptual Developments”

The concept of creating business value is not new to academia. 718 more words

Corporate Sustainability And Responsibility

Why Business Can Be Good At Solving Social Problems

In this TED talk from June 2013, author, business school professor, and entrepreneur Michael Porter explores what he calls “shared value” – addressing a social issue with a business model. 39 more words


It's the forces that drive you.

Competition is all around us and is what drives industry and people.

According to Michael E. Porter, a young economist and associate professor, in “ 512 more words

Porter's Five Forces: Something to Think About

After reading the Harvard Business Review’s article written by Michael Porter, entitled “The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy”, I would conclude that attempting to start any business, no matter the industry, will come with many outside threats. 335 more words

Competition forces special strategy

Before I read Michael Porter‘s article, I was not aware that there were five clearly-defined sources that shape competitive strategy. I knew that competition was a big factor in the business world, but I had never identified five forces that attribute to the way one thinks about competition.  359 more words

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