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Whitley Bay's Four Year Cup Run Finally Comes to an End

Whitley Bay hadn’t lost an FA Vase game in 1,420 days and twenty-nine ties. Paul Chow had scored in thirteen successive rounds of the competition and won at Wembley three seasons in a row. 465 more words


A few questions for Michael Rae

Michael Rae is an Experimental Scientist with the solar thermal research group at CSIRO. In between writing software, working at heights and spending time as the unofficial CSIRO Solar Facility tour guide, he found time to answer some questions about himself for the solar blog. 664 more words

Solar Field 2

Calibration targets installed

On Tuesday two important components were added to the tower in Solar Field 2. They’re white plates which sit just below the receiver, which we will use to check the accuracy of movement of our heliostats. 172 more words

Solar Thermal

Clive Hamilton - an out of touch eco-warrior

It must be sad to be an old environmental warrior: to reminisce about the days of barricades, placards, chants, feathers, drums and, well, copious amounts of hair. 905 more words


The Daily Grindhouse: Laserblast (dir. by Michael Rae)

The latest pick from Grindhouse of the Day will be from the sci-fi genre and this one I remember clearly as I saw it several times on one of those UHF channels that showed cheap sci-fi and horror flicks. 305 more words


Michael Rae, CR

No one around me believes in this science. I do. I do not want to pursue it to the depth of the speaker, but I certainly want caloric restriction (CR) to be a part of my life. 42 more words