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Review: Life or Death by Michael Robotham

This crime thriller had me on the edge of my seat — and even though I saw right through the bad-guy-posing-as-a-a-good-guy right from the beginning, the raveling of the tangled web was full of surprises. 100 more words


It Seems That Ancient Adage Still Applies*

I’ll bet you’ve heard them all your life. You may even use them and live by them yourself. I’m talking about sayings and proverbs that are passed along in a culture. 1,210 more words

Agatha Christie

Robotham, Kellerman, Corley and Block

Before I launch into the Lit Lunchbox Countdown for the MWA Edgar nominees for Best Novel, I wanted to give a quick wrap-up of some books that I’ve recently read and enjoyed… some more, some less, but all worth the time depending upon your personal preferences. 544 more words


The Book that Changed Me

The opening session at the Newcastle Writers Festival was titled The Book that Changed Me with Helen Garner, Michael Robotham and Jessica Rudd in conversation with Caroline Baum. 792 more words


Newcastle Writers Festival 2015

The Newcastle Writers Festival was yet again fantastic! I finished up feeling inspired, motivated and more confident.

First up was Strength in Numbers: What can a writing group do for you? 952 more words


Podcast: Michael Robotham

Last year I had the fortune of chatting with crime writer Michael Robotham while he was in town for the Bendigo Writers Festival.

The sound quality was unfortunately disrupted by wind, but we had a great conversation. Check it out.

Local Chats

Love is Life OR Death!!

Book : Life or Death (2014)
Author: Michael Robotham
Genre : Thriller/Crime Fiction
Pages : 434
Cost : Rs.264 (Flipkart.com)
GR8 Meter: 3.5/8 NO

So I have completed one more book, oh comeon guys! 530 more words