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CLOSE YOUR EYES ... Between the covers

A BRUTAL DOUBLE MURDER in a remote Somerset cottage has baffled the police, and inflamed local opinion over what they see as the ineptitude of the investigating officers. 658 more words


The Wreckage by Michael Robotham

The Wreckage is the first book I’ve read by Australian writer Michael Robotham, but it probably won’t be the last. This thriller kept me up all night, racing between a series of events in Baghdad and London, which eventually joined together in an exciting conclusion. 386 more words


Books: The Suspect

Hey everyone hope you’re all doing well. Today’s blog post is all about the latest book I’ve been reading so if you’re an avid reader like myself and you’re looking for a new book to read you might want to keep on reading ;) 291 more words


Oh Shit! It's Fathers' Day and I Forgot to Get a Gift.

So it’s Fathers’ Day this weekend and you haven’t gotten a gift yet. You’re thinking of buying your old man a selection of imported beers but there’s only so many times you can do that exact same gift before it begins to look thoughtless. 319 more words

The Art of Gratitude

I met a book reviewer recently. We’re about level in terms of career success, which is great because meeting other reviewers is always fun.

This time, though, it was like a labradoodle meeting a Zen master. 395 more words


Never Lets Me Go

I don’t think I’ve ever truly known when to walk away from the work, think of it as done. This may explain why it takes me too long to finish a novel or a short story: this created planet, spinning on its axis, keeps falling into rhythms of day and night that I then eventually accept that’s the way things are, that I have to continue living in the world long after I have to so that the story I’ve told feels authentic, alive. 444 more words