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Le livre le plus important de 2017

Il est peut-être trop tôt pour annoncer le retour de la tyrannie en Occident, mais il est désormais approprié de déclarer ce retour possible. Moins de 30 ans après la chute du Mur de Berlin, nous avons suffisamment négligé notre rapport à l’histoire pour rétablir les conditions favorables à l’ascension au pouvoir d’un démagogue qui transformerait un pays tel que les États-Unis en dictature. 2,173 more words

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Literary Limerick No. 3

Today’s literary limerick was inspired by former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen’s visit to York Festival of Ideas yesterday. He was talking about his new book on… 208 more words


The most important book of 2017

It may be too early to state that tyranny has returned in the West, but we can now safely say that it could. A mere three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we have sufficiently neglected history to reestablish the conditions under which the right demagogue could seize power in a Western country such as the United States and turn it into a dictatorship. 1,784 more words

Donald Trump

The Laugh Out Loud 2017 Book Awards Short-listing Day...

At the end of April, great excitement rippled through our school library when we were invited on a top-secret mission to Scholastic HQ to interview the judges after they’d selected the short list for the Laugh Out Loud 2017 Book Awards (aka The Lollies).   913 more words

VIDEO: Learn to Publish for Kids with "Writing for Children, Season One"

Using colorful graphics, clear explanations and examples, and plenty of humor, the mysteries of writing unfold in Writing for Children.

From brainstorming to proofreading, viewers will discover how good writing makes words work! 233 more words

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Throwback Thursday: Letter to a Young Author

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, I’m moving in here gradually, which will sometimes mean going over to an old blog and picking up some stuff that might come in useful and finding a new place for it here.   645 more words

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