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Sometimes I’m sad and I don’t know why. Michael Rosen children's Sad Book

Michael Rosen’s Sad Book:

Anatomy of Loss, Illustrated by Quentin Blake

“Sometimes I’m sad and I don’t know why.

It’s just a cloud that comes along and covers me up.” 727 more words


Book Review:We're Going on a Bear Hunt--Michael Rosen

My husband just got home from a month long trip for work and the thing that stands out the most for me, other than the lack of sleep, was how many times my son requested certain books, ones he likes to read with his dad. 140 more words

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Short of 'Good Ideas'?

My blogs might slow down for a bit over summer, but if you’re short of ideas dip into Michael Rosen’s book. 

This man has surely got to be a home educator at heart! 191 more words

Toe-nails by Michael Rosen

More and more people in Britain today

are using


Smart and smooth

They grow

on all five toes of each foot.

We spoke to Jack Davis of Hackney: 40 more words

The Semi- Colon (part 3): An Attempt to Clear Away Some of the Fog of Misunderstanding Surrounding It


In my previous blog on the semi-colon, I was critical of some of the explanations and attitudes towards it. I concluded with the following words: “The semi-colon is a very subtle piece of punctuation. 1,532 more words

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Semi-Understood: Some Explanations of the Semi-Colon Reviewed (Part 2 of 3 blogs on the semi-colon)

In my previous blog, I pointed out that the semi-colon is a victim of much derision. I argued that this was partly because it is so misunderstood. 2,742 more words

Grammar Explorations

The Semi-Colon - Part 1: What has it done to deserve such hatred?

I used to be very critical of cricket. Not for any rational reasons. I couldn’t really play it and never bothered to understand the rules. Also, I didn’t particularly like the people who played it: they were rather snobby and superior and looked down on those who couldn’t play the game. 642 more words

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