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The Restorer - Michael Sala

The Restorer is Micheal Sala’s second novel, and is set in Newcastle, a small city a few hours north of Sydney in Australia. It’s a novel about one family, as their father, Roy, attempts to heal the rifts in their past by buying a near-derelict house in a new city and restoring it – and, he hopes, his family too. 145 more words


Michael Sala The Restorer

Why would a woman return, with her children, to a relationship she believes to be unsafe? And if that decision leads to catastrophe, is she to blame? 702 more words


Snatched phrases (on insomnia)

‘Some nights sleep wouldn’t come to her at all.
A wakefulness bloomed in her,
so intense it was as if
something made of needles were trying to claw its way out.’
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