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‘Parks And Recreation’ Creator Michael Schur Is Taking A Trump-Induced Twitter Break

Michael Schur, the creator of the most politically optimistic sitcom of all-time, the beautiful tropical fish that is Parks and Recreation, is taking a “post-election Twitter break.” And just like… 569 more words


Black Mirror Season 3, Episode 1: Nosedive A.K.A. Social Media's a bit shit, innit?

Because you weren’t scared enough of the modern world, it’s time for my recaps of the third season of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s cult “5-10 minutes in the future” sci-fi anthology series. 1,025 more words

Brandon Wagner

Netflix Releases Sneak Peek at Rashida Jones/Michael Schur-Penned, Bryce Dallas Howard-Starring 'Black Mirror' Episode

“Everyone is a bit heightened and false, because everyone is terrified of being marked down because the consequences of that are…unpleasant. So it’s basically the world we live in,” says… 212 more words


Going to the Good Place

I don’t watch a lot of television this time of year, what with my officiating duties swamping my schedule with football games three to four nights a week.  1,181 more words

The Good Place, in spite of it's pedigree, is boring and misogynistic as hell.

Minor spoilers for NBC’s The Good Place follow so read at your own risk.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no, everything is probably not going to be fine… 1,203 more words


Michael Schur On Building The Afterlife, 'The Good Place,' And If Ron Swanson Would Make The Cut

As the creator of Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (and an early writer on the U.S. version of The Office, where he also occasionally played Dwight Schrute’s cousin, Mose), Michael Schur’s “brand” has always been represented by workplace comedies featuring versatile ensembles. 2,488 more words


TV Review: 'The Good Place'

The greatest strength of “The Good Place” may lie in what it is not. It doesn’t explore a recognizable workplace, nor does it follow the rhythms of the typical family sitcom. 985 more words