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How Amy Poehler is keeping 'Parks and Rec' alive: Leslie Knope fanfiction

We were basically bawling all the way through that perfect Parks and Recreation finale back in February. And while we were sad to say goodbye to Leslie and co., apparently no one misses them more than Amy Poehler. 203 more words


Nick Offerman Talks Amy Poehler Improvs, Adding Drama To 'Parks and Recreation'

Nick Offerman practically defined what it means to be a scene stealer for seven seasons on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” As bacon-loving Libertarian Ron Swanson, he breathed life into a character who will go down in TV history as one of the all-time comedy greats. 978 more words


TV: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season Finale

As you may have noticed, this is called Filmology, but sometimes we talk about television as well, because as a medium, it has grown to be just as important as cinema today (thanks to HBO?). 2,318 more words

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How "Parks And Recreation" Created A Futuristic Pawnee

Parks and Rec co-creator Michael Schur tells BuzzFeed how those snazzy gadgets — including Gryzzl — were brought to life.

The final season of Parks and Recreation — which takes place in the year 2017 — has been a whirlwind of campaigning, tiny…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: A Bit of a Cop-Out

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has good associations for me. Season 1 was on UK TV while we had our Australian flatmates living with us last year and was an enjoyable shared weekly event. 367 more words


How Ron And Leslie Would React To Indiana's Religious Freedom Law, As Read By Nick F*cking Offerman

Remember when this was the biggest news coming out of Indiana? Those were the days. Ever since the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act was passed, this… 577 more words


The Behind-The-Scenes Story Of 'Diversity Day,' The Episode That Defined NBC's 'The Office'

Of his iconic TV character from the American version of The Office, Steve Carell once said, “If you don’t know a Michael Scott, then you are Michael Scott.” Actually, it was Ricky Gervais who said that to Scott in regard to his character, David Brent, from the U.K. 6,261 more words