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Two Comedy Projects From Mike Schur, Including Jeffrey Seller-Produced Musical, Set At NBC With Big Commitments

EXCLUSIVE: As The Good Place kicked off its second season on NBC this week, the network has bought two high-profile new projects executive produced by… 216 more words

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The Good Place: Season 1 (2016)

What happens when we die? Many have provided their own theories on the mysterious afterlife and many interpretations have come about. Well, Michael Schur has thrown his own hat into the ring with his new comedy  516 more words


What's Making Me Happy: The Good Place

Following the model of NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour and its final segment, I am using some of these posts as a reminder to myself that there are things that bring me joy and as a means of posting recommendations of things–usually artistic or cultural, sometimes culinary–that are worth consuming. 512 more words


"Nosedive" - Black Mirror Episode Teleplay Analysis

For my first screenplay analysis, I’ll be breaking down the episode “Nosedive” from the third season of the Netflix show Black Mirror, teleplay by Michael Schur and Rashida Jones, based on a story by Charlie Brooker… 1,862 more words


Serality + Theme: "Parks and Recreation"

I know, I know, where tf have I been?! Quitting👏my👏awful👏 job👏! It’s crazy how stressful situations can just suck the fun and creativity out of your spirit and what’s the point of working your butt off to be too tired to talk about your  1,585 more words


Parks and Recreation Season 4, and jumping off cliffs.

“You and Leslie like to hold hands, and jump off of cliffs together, into the great unknown. You two have a good relationship. I don’t personally know what that’s like, but, I’m given to understand it means you’re going to land on your feet.” – Ron Swanson… 850 more words

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'The Good Place' Tackles Tech and Spiritual Anxiety in the Modern Age

At the tail end of last year, showrunner Michael Schur released his follow up to Parks and Recreation: The Good Place. The Good Place follows the newly deceased Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell) who winds up in a doctor’s office-esque waiting room in what she’ll soon learn is a version of Heaven. 1,230 more words

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