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Prison Break Returning For Limited Series Run

Prison Break is the latest show getting a limited run revival at FOX. Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, who played brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows will both be returning, though in what capacity is still unclear. 309 more words


Prison Break: the underrated show that no one has heard of

Two days ago, I started a show called Prison Break. I was in serious withdrawal from Breaking Bad, and I hadn’t found a show that relieved my pain. 847 more words

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Understanding addiction/obsession

I started watching Prison Break since couple of weeks, and I’m immediately drawn to Wentworth Miller (Went). He has these deep set eyes which are very captivating. 647 more words

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Prison Break Has Become Life

Recently, from a variety of recommendations from friends I decided to give Prison Break a go. Not knowing what to expect out of this TV show has left me speechless now from watching the first season. 815 more words

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The obsession in wanting to become a prisoner...

The title of this article may be absurd in may ways. You may question why does this person want to become a prisoner? Why give up the human rights that I may have and the freedom to live? 308 more words

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Prison Break Season 1

The first season of Prison Break was baffling and exciting. I was hooked within the second episode of the season. I watched over 10 episodes in one sitting. 503 more words

Fall TV Shows You Don't Want to Miss


Olivia Pope has returned in this political thriller, and it’s just too good not to watch! Season 4 starts off with a very different tone than the previous seasons, but with equal the amount of drama and unexpected turns. 411 more words