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Often than not, many people think celebrities are superhumans who have all that they need. Perhaps, others also think that celebs are problem-free people. But one truth is that some would even have to rise from destitution to whatever they are today… 417 more words


GOOD TIME (Ben Safdie, Joshua Safdie, 2017)

One hundred minutes of pure adrenaline rush accompanied by a pulsating soundtrack that made every scene as intense as my midnight snack runs. I literally had to keep wiping the imaginary sweat off my forehead. 72 more words


Prison Break

Quem não se lembra da famosa serie Prison Break? Ou pelo menos do ator principal que é tão giro: Wentworth Miller (interpreta Michael Scofield na serie). 372 more words



Hello everyone! So, this is kind of an alternate way for Michael to be introduced to the realm of Sona. Mostly, it’s just my excuse for some Hurt!Michael and Comforting!Alex. 3,420 more words


Fab Fictional TV Males

Trying to write a hot love interest in romantic fiction is essential. TV & literature offer so many prime examples so I’ve compiled a list of my favourite sexy TV male characters (in no particular order). 771 more words


What Prison Break Reminded Me About Myself, Wentworth Miller & Everyone Else

This past month I’ve been watching Prison Break for the first time which, if you’ve ever seen it, you know by “watching” I mean barely leaving my room to participate in society. 656 more words

Mind Munches

The Furry and the Furious.

There are days I wake up all jolly and excited, eager and anxious to see what the day have in store for me. Then there are those days that not even a gallon of black coffee filled with an elephant’s trunk-sized sugar would help, time seems to drag on as if waiting for someone. 2,079 more words