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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Republican Party "Like The Titanic"; Says No Love Between Trump & California

Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger told CNN’s Michael Smerconish today that he’s happy President Donald Trump made a trip to California. Or specifically, that Trump’s only made… 335 more words

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Pundits vs The News

This week, when I couldn’t take the punditry anymore, I switched to the news. It was 6PM at night, so the real old-fashioned news was playing on mainstream broadcast networks. 586 more words

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'Fire And Fury' Author Says CNN Host Doing "Job Of The White House"

Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff was giving his umpteenth promotional TV interview this morning when things turned testy with CNN host Michael Smerconish, with the author accusing the host of “doing the job of the White House.” 474 more words

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Smerconish: Not sure this is end for Franken

CNN’s Michael Smerconish says he thinks Senator Al Franken’s announcement that he will resign from the Senate in the coming weeks may not be “the end” and Franken may be waiting to see the results of the Alabama Senate race before he resigns. 8 more words


Michael Smerconish locked out of his Facebook page, in a "purgatory"

CNN Saturday morning anchor Michael Smerconish revealed a quandry: he is locked out of his own Facebook page. Instead of going live on Facebook like he typically does before his CNN show, he had to settle for a taped video instead. 74 more words


Bill O'Reilly's 'Smerconish' Stop Scrubbed After CNN Dings FNC For 'Hannity' Visit

To the surprise of no one, but the disappointment of all Reporters Who Cover Television, Michael Smerconish reported this morning that Bill O’Reilly will not be his CNN show guest on Saturday after all. 413 more words

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