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Sirius XM: Jason Johnson Guest Hosts the Michael Smerconish Show

Dr. Jason Johnson, guest-hosting for Michael Smerconish on Sirius XM, talks to Denver Post political reporter John Frank about the CNBC Republican Presidential Primary debate, which was held in Boulder, Colorado. 20 more words

2016 Election

Piers Morgan calls CNN's post-debate coverage "dull," turns to Fox News

Former CNN primetime host Piers Morgan turned to CNN for analysis after the CNBC Republican debate, but he wasn’t impressed with what his former network was offering. 96 more words


Bob Beckel joins CNN

Former Fox News loose-cannon Democratic pundit Bob Beckel has joined CNN after months of appearing on the network, reports The Daily Beast’s Andrew Kirell.

Beckel, who worked in the Jimmy Carter administration, will serve as one of CNN’s Democratic political commentators. 21 more words


"You Don't Know Jack": When It Came To Climate Change, Kemp Was As Extreme As The Rest–And A Model Of GOP Irrationality

CNN commentator Michael Smerconish–a former right-wing pundit who was effectively chased out of the conservative movement after he endorsed Barack Obama in 2008–has attempted to hold up… 357 more words

Iraq War

How Ben Carson reacted when held up at gunpoint

In an interview with Urban View host Karen Hunter Wednesday, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson recounted a story about being held up at gunpoint at a Popeyes. 374 more words

News And Issues

CNN host Michael Smerconish sues over fake autograph

CNN Saturday host of Smerconish is a self-described Winston Churchill “aficionado” — and unfortunately for him, he bought a fake autograph of Churchill from an art gallery. 192 more words


Chuck Todd: Brian Williams "Shockingly Honest" In Mea Culpa Interview With Matt Lauer

Brian Williams was “shockingly honest” when he began performing the stations of the cross on Today show this morning, NBC News political director and Sunday Beltway show host Chuck Todd insisted today. 239 more words

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