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Michael Smerconish locked out of his Facebook page, in a "purgatory"

CNN Saturday morning anchor Michael Smerconish revealed a quandry: he is locked out of his own Facebook page. Instead of going live on Facebook like he typically does before his CNN show, he had to settle for a taped video instead. 74 more words


Bill O'Reilly's 'Smerconish' Stop Scrubbed After CNN Dings FNC For 'Hannity' Visit

To the surprise of no one, but the disappointment of all Reporters Who Cover Television, Michael Smerconish reported this morning that Bill O’Reilly will not be his CNN show guest on Saturday after all. 413 more words

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Price Gouging During a Disaster Is Good

distribution after the storm becomes much more random when the prices are not allowed to rise.

Excellent interview by Michael Smerconish of Don Boudreaux, a Senior Fellow with the F.

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Bill O'Reilly Launches Webcast With Help From CNN's Michael Smerconish; Promises CNN Appearance

Bill O’Reilly was back in a suit and “on the air” via webcast on his website Wednesday night, after having previously launched a “No Spin News” daily podcast in April, following his firing from Fox News Channel. 489 more words

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Carter Page: 'I literally have never done anything wrong in Russia'

Ahead of President Trump’s first face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin, former campaign national security adviser Carter Page expressed frustration over the media’s portrayal of the Russian president. 305 more words

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Bill Cosby Says He Won't Testify In Upcoming Rape Trial - Update

UPDATE, 7:09 AM: Just more than two weeks before his criminal trial for an alleged 2004 rape is set to start in Pennsylvania, Bill Cosby told a radio host today he will not testify on his own behalf. 889 more words

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Alan Simpson Explaining Partisanship on CNN with Smerconish

I got a kick out of listening to Alan Simpson explain the rise of extreme partisanship in Congress with Michael Smerconish on CNN Friday.

He had a point about decades of Democrat leadership in Congress, but quickly lost it thereafter when he tried to frame this as a bi-partisan issue…a favorite cover taken by the right. 273 more words