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New Orleans Instrumental No. 1

After all of these years, why do I now love this R.E.M. song so much?

Automatic for the People just celebrated it’s 25th anniversary and was reissued on vinyl. 309 more words

Anthology: R.E.M. - Part I

We are adding a new feature this month where we pick a musical artist, an actor, a director, or some other person or persons with a body of work and attempt to write about it all or at least a significant part. 2,256 more words


April 1 - Ten Years Ago, R.E.M. Accelerated Their Sound

R.E.M. rebounded ten years ago, with the release of Accelerate this day in 2008. By this time, the Athens, GA institution were on the downward slide commercially, and most might say creatively as well. 343 more words

Music History

March 27 - Stipe Sans R.E.M.

Exciting news for R.E.M. fans this week as Michael Stipe, the band’s singer, released a snippet of a new solo song entitled “Future If Future” 246 more words

2000s Music

Future, If Future - Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe teased his first ever solo song with a 40-second Instagram snippet of a track called “Future, If Future” to mark yesterday’s March for Our Lives rallies across the world. 43 more words


Michael Stipe teases new song in support of March For Our Lives

Michael Stipe from R.E.M. has teased a new song in support of the March For Our Lives rally happening in Washington, D.C. today. He shared a snippet on Instagram of the track “Future, If Future”with a caption of the lyrics: “this future is ours/ Stunk to high heaven lotus, nerve gas or flowers/ We’ve got the obvious, we’ve got the power/ Please don’t stare, we’re doing all we can/.” Listen to the song below. 57 more words


Dow down -724, Is it the end of the world?

Trade tariffs scare.  Zuckerberg and Facebook losing more then the NY Knicks.  President Trump fends off the critics and foes.  And China is not very happy about anything.  72 more words