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R.E.M. Series: "Reveal" (2001)

Review of the album that brought R.E.M. into the 21st Century

By Carter Bagley

By the time the Twenty-First Century rolled around, R.E.M. were not the same band whatsoever. 753 more words

R.E.M. Series: "Up" (1998)

Review of the often forgotten first album in R.E.M.’s post-Berry catalog

By Carter Bagley

For most bands it wouldn’t change much if they lost or replaced a member, but I always looked at R.E.M. 917 more words

R.E.M. Series: "Automatic For The People" (1992)

Review of R.E.M.’s best-selling classic album “Automatic For The People”

By Carter Bagley

Enjoying life as rock n roll superstars R.E.M. expanded their career even further with the outrageously successful “Automatic For The People”. 1,061 more words

JACK's Inside Track: REM

Shiny Happy People rejoice! If you’ve been waitin’ for another REM reissue, “Out of Time” is slated for release next month… AGAIN.

Listen to JACK and find out more

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R.E.M. Series: "Out Of Time" (1991)

Review of the album that turned R.E.M. from a beloved indie band to one of the biggest rock bands on the planet

By Carter Bagley… 1,041 more words

Imitación A La Vida

Ése era el título de un melodrama de Douglas Sirk protagonizado por Lana Turner, una de mis actrices favoritas. Era una gran película, verdaderamente, como muchas otras de Sirk. 1,091 more words

Bob Dylan

R.E.M. Series: "Document" (1987)

Review of R.E.M.’s fifth and final album for the IRS indie label before signing to Warner Bros.

By Carter Bagley

R.E.M.’s fifth and final indie record ever before signing to Warner Bros. 959 more words