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Michael Tellinger - DNA anf frequency

Michael Tellinger :

Three (3) common denominators in human history :
1. Gold
2. Slavery
3. Winged of feathered Serpent

Monoatomic form of Gold or White Powder of Gold is a powerful substance. 121 more words


Michael Tellinger Welcomes Mpho Ralengole to UBUNTU Party South Africa


UBUNTU Party South Africa welcomes Mpho Ralengole into our family of activators, a new shining light and a messenger of unity and consciousness. Mpho brings a dynamic element of community activation through projects in the areas of arts, culture and technology. 125 more words

A Simple Plan of Action from UBUNTU - To create a new alternative

A SIMPLE PLAN to create a NEW ALTERNATIVE – To save humanity from financial slavery.

While most people shy away from the area of politics, UBUNTU has a simple plan of action to start the global domino effect of higher consciousness by using the dirty field of politics to speed up this process. 437 more words

How I Envision our Future Together

Michael Tellinger : Ancient technology and the Ubuntu movement

Having been through what I have, I eventually somehow found myself upon this presentation, which led me to learn about about Contributionism. 75 more words

Mental Health

2016 - Moving Rapidly Towards Prosperity & Abundance for UBUNTU and The Human Family


Friday, 1 January 2016

As the new year dawns, I would like to wish all our supporters all over the world in more than 200 countries a blessed year filled with abundance and new adventures, and continued growth in all spheres of our individual and collective journeys. 391 more words

Surviving in a Financial Catastrophe: Michael Tellinger, Author, Scientist, Explorer on Revenue Chat

Published on Nov 25, 2015

A fascinating show with Michael Tellinger, best-selling author, scientist, explorer, and real-life Indiana Jones. Michael says you can have a complete abundance of everything without money. 727 more words