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Cinema's Lasting Impact on How We Perceive Everything

The more I think about this, the more I realize how much everything people do is motivated by the quest for a good story, a happy ending or just something to tell strangers to make them think you’re cool when you’re too drunk to act like it. 876 more words


The Problem of Narrative Tone in The Wolf of Wall Street

An aspect of popular film that Scorsese does not abide by, despite making awfully popular films (Goodfellas, Casino, The Wolf of Wall Street… 987 more words


Ex Machina (Film Review)


Published author and screenplay writer Alex Garland’s debut film takes age old concepts and gives them a fresh perspective. What gives Ex Machina a competitive edge against the recent Sci-Fi releases of late is the certainty Garland has in fusing the traditional Sci-Fi thriller genre with the more conceptual and provocative themes found in art house movies. 811 more words


Jupiter Ascending (Film Review)

What made The Matrix (1999) stand out was it single-handedly forced cyberpunk onto our screens just a couple of decades on from when it had boomed in Sci-Fi writing. 364 more words


Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (Film Review)

The silly 2010 comedy Hot Tub Time Machine was a surprise and late-blooming success: and so here we are with the sequel. You may not remember much of the original film, other than perhaps laughing a lot. 474 more words


Quack troops invade capital

A friend and I drove through the swath of redevelopment land where Route 195 used to be. We wanted to view the new street infrastructure. We were yukking it up over the “art” when we had to stop to review the troops. 168 more words