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"Police Academy 8" still possible?

It’s been a while since any mention of a “Police Academy” 8, which at this point may be a good sign; the first mention of possibility of this sequel being made was way back in 2003. 184 more words


Michael Winslow: The sounds of success [classic article]

Michael Winslow is best known for his scene-stealing performances in all seven “Police Academy” movies, as well as the television series, as officer Larvell Jones. He also appeared in “Spaceballs,” “Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie,” “Cheech and Chong’s Nice Dreams,” “Gremlins” and “Back to the Future 3.” A master of vocal gymnastics, Michael can imitate over 10,000 sound effects using his voice alone. 1,217 more words

Life Style

Throwback Thursday: Police Academy

Police Academy is a 1980s screwball comedy that tells the story of a group of outcasts that all (expect one) want to become police officers. After a law is passed that gets rid of height, weight, and intellectual qualifications these ordinary people flock to training. 479 more words

Nostalgia Fest Philly

Leaving the Great Philadelphia Comic Con, I headed straight for Bensalem and the inagural Nostalgia Fest Philly – featuring favorite stars from the 80s and 90s. 400 more words

Autograph Shows

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

Dir: Jerry Paris, 1985


The boys and girls in blue are back, causing more mayhem and injury than the criminals!

After the smash-hit that Police Academy was, merely a year earlier, it was inevitable that a sequel would be rushed out and it’s a fun ride. 547 more words

Police Academy

Dir: Hugh Wilson, 1984


The Police Academy series of films are given a raw deal by critics and cinema snobs. Along with the likes of Porky’s, Bachelor Party and Revenge Of The Nerds, the capers of the crazy coppers were held in contempt for the raunchy and adult humour, that was so prevalent in the early eighties. 622 more words