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There's a Thirst for Everything

Forgiving myself for not loving myself
I could have made myself happy
But I stumbled, head falling
And I was silent after I spoke… 16 more words


How Many Michals Does it Take to Change a Lightbulb?

And the lamp was on
Darkening up the room
And I sat, alone
Looking for the switch
To turn off the darkness



So Unloved

I’ve been thinking of Michal, the woman who tricked her father and his emissaries. She is the daughter of a king who marries a king. I don’t know why Graça Machel comes to mind. 650 more words

Christian Living

Occupying Space

Some people you only meet in libraries. Where the bookshelves protect you and connect you and line the outside borders of your relationship. You represent to each other the transformation that overcomes you when you are there. 759 more words


1 & 2 Chronicles: Our Sacred History – Part II

1 & 2 Chronicles: Our Sacred History – Part II

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done . . .  469 more words

Web Site Included

Time and Again

My future was once present.
But now,
I no longer know.
It slipped away like a memory
Crumbled like a lie
I tell myself.

Who am I without my future? 93 more words


FRAGILE - Handle with Care

You label yourself without words
For others to know how to treat you
You instruct them that
Your contents are sensitive to roughness
That you should be held up… 7 more words