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The "Józef" Foundation

Life is unpredictable. I would never have thought I could land in a hospital today, but well, it happened. No worries, I’m fine. The post is not about me; it’s about a serious and big project. 267 more words


Reflections on First Samuel

I had really thought the book of Samuel would have a lot more to do with Samuel than it did. It begins with his mother and even this first part ends after his death, but his death isn’t the last time he’s seen or heard from, as his ghost is summoned later on. 594 more words

Bible Commentary

Lift Me Hydraulically

I am exhaust
I sputter like the dying engine of a new car
Recalled into the factory

I recall and recoil and recede
Each tire punctured… 22 more words

Poems (maybe Poetry, Too)

And I twisted around myself, looking for comfort

I wonder
When I smile, does any darkness leak out?
Are the gaps between my teeth large enough for you to see my inner body cavity? 64 more words

Poems (maybe Poetry, Too)

1 Samuel 14-22: Jealousy and Paranoia

I’m not quite sure who’s really the paranoid one here, but this set of chapters started to read like a plot line for Game of Thrones. 1,252 more words

Bible Commentary

Michal, One-sided love

Heart of the Story: Initially, Michal loved David when they got married. Realistically, David never loved Michal, only what she could do for him. 1,242 more words

Obscure Characters

College Visit to the University of Pennsylvania

Michal is finishing his junior year of high school and seems determined to attend a college or university after he graduates. As part of his process of figuring out which institution is best for him we have visited two institutions so far: Swarthmore College and the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). 62 more words