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Iggy Azalea and the Death of Freedom

“The high pool is always steaming. What witch will rise up on the white sunset? What purple foliage will descend? …While public funds flow into fraternal holidays, a clock of pink fire strikes in the clouds.” Rimbaud… 1,873 more words

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Walid Raad's witness protection program

Who is Suha Traboulsi? Her work has been shown most recently in Here and Elsewhere, the New Museum’s 2014 strident overview of contemporary art from and about the Middle East. 1,441 more words

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Books received - Peck and Theodore, Mauriac, Krell, Drischler

Books received – Jamie Peck and Nik Theodore’s Fast Policy in recompense for review work; another volume of Claude Mauriac’s memoirs for the Foucault project; David Farrell Krell’s… 18 more words

Michel Foucault

Revisiting Postmodernism

Disarming Critics of Postmodernism:

In researching Michel Foucault I decided to revisit his premise of power in postmodernism. Postmodernism is the thinking which believes that truth does not exist or is incomprehensible. 612 more words

"Normal is a Social Construct (and hella lame) - Michel Foucault and the Quest for the Holy Grail," by schadenfreudessa

(or what Monty Python can teach us about the rules of discourse)

So we all love Monty Python, right? Quest for the Holy Grail is wonderful humorous trash that gives us so many quotable lines, full of comedy gold like: 1,209 more words

Personally I’ve never met any intellectuals. I’ve met people who write novels, others who treat the sick; people who work in economics and others who compose electronic music.

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