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Judith Revel "Identity, Nature, Life. Three Biopolitical Deconstructions"

Revel, Judith 2009. Identity, Nature, Life. Three Biopolitical Deconstructions. Theory, Culture & Society 26(6): 45–54.

[…] from the 1960s, the radical critique of identities directs us to the analysis of power that principally takes the form of analyses of knowledges; yet, there is also, inseparably as its other side, an interrogation of the modes of subjectivation that could attempt to escape the objective frame of power and allow non-selfsame (non-identitaire) subjectivities to emerge. 1,002 more words

Scott Yates and Dave Hiles "Towards a 'Critical Ontology of Ourselves'?"

Yates, Scott; Hiles, Dave 2010. Towards a “Critical Ontology of Ourselves”? Foucault, Subjectivity and Discourse Analysis. Theory & Psychology 20(1): 52–75.

Power produces more than knowledge and systems of social apparatus, however. 509 more words

"Michel Foucault, l'Iran et le pouvoir du spirituel" - previously unpublished 1979 interview

Michel Foucault, l’Iran et le pouvoir du spirituel – previously unpublished 1979 interview in Bibliobs (requires subscription). A shorter version is published in the print version of… 79 more words