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MasterBlog: The Black Female Subject

I find that Foucault’s characterization of the Panopticon – the surveillance-based system of imprisonment and self-discipline originally postulated by Jeremy Bentham – can be applied in a million fascinating ways to film analysis. 813 more words

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Foucault's Last Decade - available to preorder

Foucault’s Last Decade is now available to preorder, either direct from the publisher or at online bookstores. It’s currently scheduled for May 2016, but might be a little earlier. 223 more words

Michel Foucault

The Beautiful Lie. Tolstoy, Anna and Foucault.

Warning: Long read, don’t moan at me, contains Foucault.

In a sense, I am a moralist, insofar as I believe that one of the tasks, one of the meanings of human existence—the source of human freedom—is never to accept anything as definitive, untouchable, obvious, or immobile. 2,098 more words


Foucault: the Birth of Power Update 7 – working at the Bibliothèque Nationale and a meeting with Foucault’s nephew

Last week was spent at the Bibliothèque Nationale again, continuing the work on the Foucault papers archived there. I worked through four boxes – the last of the five boxes of preparatory notes for… 1,353 more words

Michel Foucault

Captives of the Social: Facebook and Digital Panopticism

As a network, the Web is usually connoted as an open-ended, anarchic and non-hierarchic environment. Compared to previous modes of organization, its distributed nature is considered an improvement over centralized and decentralized one-to-many communications and productions. 1,253 more words

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