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Reflections on the Privatisation of Mental Health

Allen Ginsberg’s (1984) poem, Howl, famously begins with the line:

‘I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.’

What we should glean from Ginsberg is that mental health is not simply an interior, it’s not an affliction of the deeper, inner, soul as much as a symptom of the society we live in. 2,110 more words


Journée d’étude - "Le temps de l’histoire": Foucault à l’épreuve de la psychiatrie et la psychanalyse

The journée d’étude “Le temps de l’histoire” : Foucault à l’épreuve de la psychiatrie et la psychanalyse, can be of interest to H-Madness readers. The conference is organised by the IEA-Collegium de Lyon-EURIAS and UMR 5206 Triangle, and will take place on June 6 2017 at the ENS de Lyon. 237 more words


Foucault, Subjectivity and Truth course now scheduled for June/July 2017

The long delayed translation of Foucault’s Subjectivity and Truth course is now scheduled for June/July 2017. Thanks to Chathan Vemuri for the update. The price has also come down to something comparable to previous volumes in the series. 75 more words

Just get over it!

“Just get over it.” “The past is in the past.” “What’s your problem?!” “You cry too much.” “You are too sensitive.” “That’s mental.” “What’s wrong with you?!?” 611 more words


Reformed to Death: Discipline and Control Eclipse Education

An enduring gift of being a student and a teacher is that these experiences often create lifelong and powerful personal and professional relationships. Reminiscing about these experiences, however, is often bittersweet because we are simultaneously reminded of the great promise of education as well as how too often we are completely failing that promise. 1,058 more words


Foucault, Oeuvres I and II reviewed in the TLS by Duncan Kelly

Foucault, Oeuvres I and II reviewed in the TLS by Duncan Kelly

In 1970, after various appointments in France, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Tunisia, the French philosopher and epistemologist Michel Foucault took a Chair at the Collège de France in Paris.

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