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Tales of the City - Armistead Maupin 

I can’t say I loved this book, though it’s entertaining, gives insights into a different era and most interestingly illustrates the complexities of power and liberation. 503 more words

Philosophy is useless, theology is worse?

“A new kind of intellectual”: Pierre Bourdieu’s tribute to Michel Foucault https://t.co/wtckCPiP7O via @soc_imagination

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Some older readers might recognize the title/lyric from a 1980s Dire Straits tune, “

276 more words

Fresh Fruit from Rotten Vegetables (part four): Neither For Nor Against Architecture, Yet Happy to Pit Wodiczko Against Bataille

Bataille and Foucault would have it that our day-to-day existence is governed by architecture: the tomb, the prison, the government office, etc. I have previously surmised that the 21st Century is a schizophrenic age, and what could be more schizophrenic (if we accept Foucault and Bataille) than a climate in which architecture is endlessly toppled and reconstructed? 604 more words


"People who appear and disappear"

Like last year, in a team of five, we ‘deliver’ a philosophy course for a large group of governance and management students, called ‘philosophy of management and organisation’. 847 more words

Béatrice Han-Pile "The "Death of Man": Foucault and Anti-Humanism"

Han-Pile, Béatrice 2010. The “Death of Man”: Foucault and Anti-Humanism. – O’Leary, Timothy; Falzon, Christopher (eds). Foucault and Philosophy. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 118-142.

[…] for the early Foucault humanism has a very specific, narrow referent. 696 more words