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Julian Vigo "Biopower and Security"

Vigo, Julian 2015. Biopower and Security. CounterPunch, May 5. online: http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/05/05/biopower-and-security/

No longer is it the institution seeking out individuals to normalize, for there is neoliberal social nexus where individuals voluntarily seek out their legitimacy within the structures of various institutions. 216 more words


Go Foucault Yourself

I think we all might feel better and treat others better if we go Foucault ourselves, and so here are over 2 hours* of lectures about his project(s) in case you can’t afford that intimate time to spend with his books: 27 more words


Malfunction: Your Body Is an Empty Room

I’ve gone out on a few dates with someone. We both like each other, but I’m afraid of being intimate with this person because our body types are so incompatible. 1,970 more words

Foucault's Last Decade update 24 - other work while waiting for the reports, and the draft cover blurb

This has been the period between submitting the Foucault’s Last Decade manuscript and waiting for reader reports. I’ve largely been doing other things – talks on terrain and urban territory; … 755 more words


Too Close to Home

Quotes from the manuscript that I am an editing for a philosophy professor that are way, way too close to home.

(To be read out loud while playing the theme song of the classic sitcom  106 more words