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Reflections on Miguel Sicart's The Ethics of Computer Games - 01

So, I’m reading Miguel Sicart’s The Ethics of Computer Games and loving every bit of it. Well, almost every bit of it. Most of the bits. 373 more words


Aspects of Terror 2. Paris, 1757.

Foucault, Michel:  Discipline & Punish, the Birth of the Prison, translated from the French by Alan Sheridan, pps. 3-5,Vintage Books, New York, 1995

The Body of the Condemned… 1,226 more words


Madness and liberation

We live in a balance between desire and perceived possibility, conventionality and authenticity, “consumed by either fire or fire”. Trans folk, further from “Normal” than most, live this most intensely: for “Normal” means death for everyone, but most quickly for us. 474 more words

Being Human

Two posts on writing at The Sociological Imagination and An und für sich

Two posts on writing at The Sociological Imagination and An und für sich.

The first talks about writing being disconnected from the internet, and whether this works for different writers or not. 150 more words

Michel Foucault

Is Metadata retention indicative of a super­panoptical society?

The current trends in massive and ubiquitous digital surveillance, and privacy breaches by major corporations would suggest that we are. Across time, before the explosion of technology, more specifically the internet, smartphones and other internet enabled devices, surveillance was a physical thing. 2,785 more words