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Foucault contra Chomsky

Em época de Super-Homem contra Batman e Capitão América contra Homem de Ferro, sugiro que vejam um interessante debate entre dois gigantes intelectuais com duas perspectivas filosóficas absolutamente díspares mas igualmente importantes. 92 more words

Teoria Da História

The Hunger Games: Presenting the Self Under Surveillance

When I think of The Hunger Games, I think of control. I think of oppressive top-down power, resistance, rebellion. However, The Hunger Games also illustrates power in a different sense, as something that is not held by a powerful few but is rather infused throughout every layer of society. 2,061 more words

The Hunger Games

If Foucault Had Watched Game of Thrones

“Without even having to pronounce the word, modern prudishness was able to ensure that one did not speak of sex, merely through the interplay of prohibitions that referred back to one another: instances of muteness which, by dint of saying nothing, imposed silence. 398 more words


Thoughts on Michel Foucault

In Part Two of The History of Sexuality, Volume 1, An Introduction, Foucault provides an expected history of sexuality. For Foucault, the relationship between discourse and sexuality is significant and hence becomes the focus of his argument. 736 more words


Foucault On 'Blackmail Serving To Limit The Exercise Of Criticism'

In ‘Questions of Method: An Interview with Michel Foucault‘ (from After Philosophy: End or Transformation?, eds. Kenneth Baynes, James Bohman, and Thomas McCarthy, MIT Press, 1987, pp. 515 more words


Foucault: The Birth of Power Update 14 – receiving the reader reports, and working on Farge and Foucault, Le désordre des familles

I now have the two reader reports on Foucault: The Birth of Power, which are overwhelmingly positive about the manuscript. But I still have a bit of work to do revising it. 1,210 more words