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According to the Supreme Sister, jealousy, desire and the appetite for procreation share the same origin, which is the suffering of being.  It is the suffering of being that makes us seek out the other, as a palliative; we must go beyond this stage to reach the state where the simple fact of being constitutes in itself a permanent occasion for joy; where intermediation is nothing more than a game, freely undertaken, and not constitutive of being.  25 more words


The Anatomy of a Predator

I have been sitting on this topic for quite some time, following current discussion and accumulating testimony.

I have mixed feelings regarding the current discourse. On the one hand, stupidity and flock mentality is something I absolutely loathe – on the other hand, I have always been the person to stand up for justice for me, for others, and reassuring others to speak up and take action in situations where it is in their power to stop a person and prevent others from suffering. 597 more words


Månedens oversætter: Niels Lyngsø

Hvordan (og hvorfor) blev du oversætter?

Af den simple og lavpraktiske grund at jeg var nødt til at tjene nogle penge, eftersom man ikke tjener alverden som digter. 521 more words

Månedens Oversætter


The Germans voted for Nazism.  Adolph Hitler was democratically elected Chancellor of the Third Reich.  What if the French – or any other “Christian” nation – elected a President to turn the country into an Islamic state ?  199 more words

Submission - Michel Houellebecq: A Review

Date Finished: October 20th 2017

Michel Houellebecq is a somewhat controversial figure in literature. His work has been described as “vulgar” and “pornographic”, and some have accused him of racism and misogyny. 636 more words