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Quiz: Who Wrote It, J.K. Rowling or J.K. Huysmans?

In an improbable, possibly magical twist of fate, the names of two writers who are poles apart in style, literary preoccupation, historical period — virtually every category, in other words — have been brought together under the windblown umbrella of recent news. 775 more words


Michel Houellebecq - Soumission. Despre sfârşitul unei civilizaţii şi zorii alteia noi

by Mirel Bănică

Apariția romanului Soumission al lui Michel Houellebecq a coincis cu atentatul de la Charlie Hebdo.

Printr-un proces pe care nimeni, ni…

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Cinemania: Art imitates life in Guillaume Nicloux's Valley of Love

When you make a film reuniting two of France’s greatest actors on screen for the first time in 35 years, it’s hard to avoid talking about casting. 814 more words



Cultural pessimism is as old as human culture and has a long history in Europe. Hesiod thought that he was living in the age of iron; Cato the Elder blamed Greek philosophy for corrupting the young; Saint Augustine exposed the pagan decadence responsible for Rome’s collapse; the Protestant reformers felt themselves to be living in the Great Tribulation; French royalists blamed Rousseau and Voltaire for the Revolution; and just about everyone blamed Nietzsche for the two world wars. 70 more words


The New York Times Reviews "Submission"

@michikokakutani in what sense is this rant a review? I agree that there is an element of polemic in his writing, but jeez.

— Peter Sloane (@Sweetburlingame) …

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Of course, life has no meaning. But neither does death. And this is another thing that curdles the blood when one discovers Lovecraft’s universe. The deaths of his heroes have no meaning.

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Book Review: Submission


By: Michel Houellebecq 

Translator: Lorin Stein

 256 pp. Title available for download to Kindle for $11.99

 Rating: 4.5/5

At several of the book’s junctures, I found myself wondering incredulously: “is Houellebecq reading NRx? 1,017 more words

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