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Michel Houellebecq: Submission

“The history of modern France has been punctuated by a series of seismic shifts in ideology. Ever since the revolution of 1789, not only have regimes fallen – sometimes with considerable bloodshed – but whole concepts of governance and nationhood have been swept away nearly every generation or so. 162 more words

Book Review

Submission by Michel Houellebecq: This provocative novel charts France's plunge into Islamism

…Submission is an intense, dark and devourable read. And there are themes within this layered novel to challenge everyone’s politics, not just the anti-western left. Let’s just hope its plot isn’t as realistic as Houellebecq fears.

My review of Submission.


The Appeal of ISIS

You shouldn’t miss the NYT article on sexual slavery under ISIS. For me it demonstrates, even more than mass beheadings, the systematic evil of this would-be state. 358 more words


20 citations tirées de La carte et le territoire, Michel Houellebecq

En lisant ce roman j’ai ressenti à peu près la même chose que lorsque j’étudiais les grands classiques de la littérature française. Cette sensation de voyager dans une époque en plus d’être témoin de ce qui -dans des dizaines d’années- sera sans doute considéré comme un portrait de la France du début du XXIème siècle. 1,115 more words

En Français

Christian Kracht's 'Imperium' is a Melvillean Masterpiece of the South Seas

Long of toenail and hair and beard, the eccentric August Engelhardt shunned clothing and subsisted entirely on coconuts; he was, in other words, a nudist and cocovore. 772 more words


Michel Houellebecq - La carte et le territoire, 2010 The Map and the Territory

A little despite himself, he approached Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons Dividing Up the Art Market, which was standing on his easel in the middle of the studio, and dissatisfaction seized him again, still more bitterly. 1,627 more words


La Parigi sottomessa di Michel Houellebecq

«Il vero nemico dei musulmani, quello che temono e odiano più di qualsiasi altro, non è il cattolicesimo: è il secolarismo, la laicità, il materialismo ateo. 1,702 more words