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Poem about Bees

Wikipedia Poem, No. 799

journey of what is our concept of nothing?
understand these vast new shapes

of whom science say journey of the universe… 77 more words


Michel Houellebecq Eating Dog Food (I Think You Misunderstand)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 790
confronted will 
requires work you don't
bloody countravene ramadan 
also imagine an end

sand eel rather 
a mayor the same symbol 
lançon and his colleagues 
refer to bloody counterarguments

satirical shield 
like the hand 
of a childish painter

well dressed pedestrian boulevard 
endless positions drunk in a conflict 
we don't notice the tenderness of infinite 
complexity only memoir public life anger 

struggle remain loyal to my own teeth people 
too easily magazining their maps put this 
in verse or obits our greatest provocateur 
the murders and the murderers sculpted in 
slow orbits of fatty pork you ask for endless 
everything and walk into the ocean


Las películas de terror dan miedo porque en el fondo tememos que se hagan realidad. Tenemos miedo de que una muñeca endemoniada nos asesine mientras dormimos, o que un fantasma decida perseguirnos por… 197 more words


February reading: Gide, Havilio, Berger, Kawakami, Swain, Collins, Nicolson and Sackville-West

I turned to The Counterfeiters this month after rereading and thoroughly enjoying Gide’s Strait is the Gate, which I’d read when a teenager, along with his lyrical and prophetic… 2,007 more words

Monthly Reading

Alicia Kopf's Brother in Ice

Alicia Kopf’s Brother in Ice is subversive. At the beginning I went along with her story as I share Kopf’s evident fascination with the heady days of polar exploration, of nations racing to be first to reach an ever-moving target. 261 more words

Michel Houellebecq

The Calling of an Artist

“On Sunday 28 June, mid-afternoon, Jed accompanied Olga to Roissy airport. It was sad: something inside him understood that they were living a moment of mortal sadness. 284 more words


The Unparalleled Educational Value of Michelle Houellebecq

Happy 2018, dear readers. All the best for this new arbitrary amount of time, and may your resolutions stick this time. ;-)

A much discussed and controversial writer named Michelle Houellebecq has crossed my path many times and my mind even more frequently. 607 more words