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Un peu de lecture

Another thing I love about the fall is the idea of curling up with a book as the temperatures drop and the days grow shorter. Not that I need a seasonal excuse – reading for me is a year-round occupation. 343 more words


"The Elementary Particles" by Michel Houellebecq.

 If you want to feel depressed about the state of our society, then read this book, because you will not be disappointed. A blend of science, sex, cynicism and darkness, this critique of society is told by the means of using two half-brothers and their lives as examples. 567 more words

Book Review

A Degradação Natural dos Objectos

“Em criança, não podia suportar a degradação natural dos objectos, a sua fratura, a sua usura. Assim conservou durante anos, reparando-os indefinidamente, envolvendo-os em fita adesiva, os dois pedaços quebrados de uma pequena régua de plástico branca. 73 more words

Submitting to Those Claiming to Speak for God...

September 8, 2016

Among my regular reading is the blog Marginal Revolution that Tyler Cowen (Professor of Economics at George Mason University) writes with Alex Tabarrok.   295 more words


A French Writer On Politics & Society Today

From Michel Houellebecq’s 2015 novel, Submission:

“The Muslim Brotherhood is an unusual party, you know. Many of the usual political issues simply don’t matter to them. 235 more words

Politics And Society

Michel Houellebecq, Submission

I realized that part of my life, probably the best part, was behind me.

So it goes, in the remaining Western social democracies, when you finish your studies, but most students don’t notice right away because they’re hypnotized by the desire for money or, if they’re more primitive, the desire for consumer goods (though these cases of acute product-addiction are unusual; the mature, thoughtful majority develop a fascination with that ‘tireless Proteus’, money itself).

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