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40 Day Christianity Challenge (IV)

Satan’s Creation:

“For the believer, the beauty of creation speaks of the majestic beauty of his God. He worships the Lord in the beauty of holiness (Ps.

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The Necessity of Awareness

Hello again, dear Internet. Thank you for sticking around!

This will be a monthly thought train from now on – and if many more board, it will run more often. 752 more words


Kitsch is Art

Everything is tacky, if you will. Music as a whole is kitsch, kitsch is art, literature itself is tacky. Every emotion is kitschy, almost by definition, but also any reflection, and even, in a sense, action.

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Atomised by Michel Houellebecq

OK, so first off.  I now understand that you are not supposed to like this book.  It is supposed to be depressing and a vivid look at the dysfunctional state of society.   333 more words

#310 Platform

Again I’ve had to check my library history but this puts me up to speed as of two weeks ago when I went on holiday and managed to get through more books in 2 weeks than 3 months ! 496 more words

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

Six books I didn't put down this summer

I’m an impatient reader. I get excited about reading a particular title, I crack it, read it, and allow it 50 pages to regale me. If I’m not enthralled or at least engaged by page 50, that book is going  950 more words


誰殺了韋勒貝克(地圖與版圖) La Carte et le Territoire (The Map and the Territory)

聽完 Irwin 推介睇咗韋勒貝克(Michel Houellebecq) 嘅《誰殺了韋勒貝克》(Le carte et le territoire / the map and the territory),如果對藝術展、法國、人與人同社會距離、老病死有興趣嘅,呢本書應該好合口味,有Art 底嘅應該會有更深嘅理解同評價,唔怪得推介俾Noir,我都唔敢review 啲乜



再強調,呢本嘢個譯名係好有問題,明明叫《地圖與版圖》(好似同Alfred Korzybski 有關),但因為作者寫自己比人剁碎咗就搬嚟做書名,仲要劇透咗內容……明明唔係推理小說🤔所以可忽略標題,拎上手睇睇

– By Mo